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Oct 24, 2010 01:47 PM

Thai/Asian Market in Arlington area?

Does anyone know of an Asian market (Thai preferably) in the Arlington area where I can pick up a bag of glutinous/sticky rice? I've been buying it online and it's costing me $18 for a 5lb bag! I'm sure I can do better locally. Super H Mart is a little far out for me as I have to rent a car to go anywhere, so I was hopefully looking to find something inside the beltway.

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  1. I have a bag of around 4lbs for sticky rice, to test a recipe I don't need the rest, send me an email to littleladycook (at) if you want it!

    if you need more than that you could buy it were I got it at the Store of Bankgok 54 on Columbia Pike!

    Good luck =)

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      Duangrat's (the market, not the restaurant) should have it, too, and might be closer depending on where in Arlington you are.