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Oct 24, 2010 11:02 AM

da i due ciccioni

hi guys, i have a question about this restaurant.

from the very limited things i've seen written about it, it seems great: convivial, good, traditional food, and a bargain. but here is where the "limited" above applies. (and i really don't want this to sound obnoxious). is it really good by comparison to most of the places we live in america/england/etc, where the pasta just plain isn't very good? or is it also very good by comparison to other places in rome? given that i only have a few days, i'm willing to pay more for something better. but all things considered if this food really is particularly good then i'd prefer the type of atmosphere that it appears to offer. but it's hard to tell.

hence the question.

thank you very much in advance for any advice.


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  1. According to these reviews (in Italian), it's neither particularly cheap nor good:

    The reviews for the equally cheap or cheaper Da Giovanni in the same area are decidedly better:

    1. HI, I live just outside Rome and went there as I heard it was good but honestly I was very disappointed. Also from what I saw you only can eat outside and it is pretty chilly in Rome now. I really dont think it is worth the hype surrounding this place - maybe it was ok a few years ago when expectations werent great, who knows. Can't give further advice for Rome - if the sun is shining catch a bus to Fregene and have a great seafood meal!