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Oct 24, 2010 10:58 AM

All-Clad Cookware - Where to buy at the best price in Toronto, or mail order in Canada?

I am looking to purchase either individual items or a set. Where to go for a good price?

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  1. We bought a set from Hendrix (in Pickering) that was about $200 cheaper than Williams Sonoma. - this is the stainless steel model. With All-Clad, you'd be hard-pressed to buy them on sale. You can give Cayne's a call and see if they carry this brand. And I recall seeing the odd A-C pot or pan for sale at the annual William Ashley warehouse sale. Good luck! I love my pots and pans!

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    1. re: liverwurst

      maybe not a good idea for the non-stick, but for the stainless, if you're really on a budget (and it's not for a gift) consider buying used online. it comes a little loved but the stuff honestly lasts FOREVER. i bought my first pieces that way back in school and they are still going strong.

      1. re: downtownfoodie

        hey dtf,

        i've never even considered buying used ... but you're right, for SS, maybe it's not such a bad idea ... where did you purchase from?

        1. re: lilaki

          i bought one off ebay from a seller with perfect feedback; downside is shipping is killer for a heavy 14" pan. i also bought a couple of pots off CL and Kijiji. There are lots of people who get A-C as unwanted wedding presents and are happy to monetize some of it. The upside is you can check out the item before you buy, the downside is less selection than Ebay.

      2. re: liverwurst

        i've definitely seen the odd A-C pot/pan at the WA warehouse sale ...i don't recall exact prices but they weren't cheap (although, it's A-C so...)

      3. Thanks for the suggestions so far! It's for a gift, so used isn't an option, unfortunately.

        1. I'm gonna get slated for this: All-Clad gets great press, but in my opinion, is not particularly good. Sure - it's one of the better "by comparison", but again, in my opinion and as someone who is a self-taught gourmet cook, there are better products out there for less and equal amounts of money. I find All-Clad poorly designed insofar as my pots have 'hot spots' (uneven cooking) and my fingers get caught in the poorly designed handles of the stock pots; also, all All-Clad handles are the same and I personally find them uncomfortable to 'wield' (when tossing stuff around) and generally hold, because they are skinny in width and diameter. If you cook a lot, as I do, and are pretty competent in the kitchen, you might consider Bourgeat (French and difficult to find here in Canada - I use the company Nisbets at or Nisbets in France and get the items delivered to my husband's hotel or here in Ontario); I also like Staub cast iron and Le Crueset, both of which are freely available here in Canada. It depends what you're cooking, of course. Le Creuset is excellent for stove-top-to-oven-to-table, as is Staub, but I don't find cast iron good for cooking pasta, for example - the heavy bottomed Bourgeat or similar is much better with this. I've been using the three manufacturers mentioned above for about 18 years; I had to buy All-Clad when we moved here, because I was waiting for my own stuff to arrive. I was told All-Clad was the best there is, but my All-Clad only comes out when I've run out of dishes : -)

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          1. re: Jash

            Oh gosh, the pots are for my mom who already has great pots. I know she probably won't see any difference, but she has everything, and it's hard for her to think of something she wants for Christmas. The mystique of "All Clad" has entrapped her, and so there's no point fighting it. But, you're right, she may just end up putting them in a box in her basement and sticking with the top-notch stuff she already has.

            1. re: Full tummy

              the handle thing is a personal preference. i like the all-clad slipping or twisting when tossing things in a fry pan. might be in part cause i often use a towel when handling any pots...hangover from working in resto kitchens when you never know what's hot and what isn't. my bro hates them.

              re hotspots...i have never found any in any of my pieces...any more than any other non-copper core (and therefore ludicrously expensive) pans. i ahve used mine on electric (shudder), gas, and glass, as well as in the oven. they all performed well on all surfaces.

              everyone is always going to have their preferences, but in terms of long lasting cookware, most people are very satisfied with their all-clad ware

          2. Hi Full tummy. Not sure if you've found a solution yet. As background, I have a full set of All-Clad stainless steel at my US vacation home and love them. I got the full set at a fantastic price. Using them is a pleasure and prompted me to replace the set of Lagostinas that I got as a gift. Like you, I searched to find deals on All-Clad here in Toronto to no avail. I brought back a few pans when I was able to get a deal at Williams-Sonoma, but still wanted pots. So here's what I found that may solve your problem. Costco Canada (in-store) has a 13 piece set of 18/10 stainless steel cookware with a copper insert for $199 under the Kirkland label. The cookware has five layers: two aluminum, two stainless steel, and one copper. I did some research online and found them very well rated so decided to buy them, knowing Costco's excellent return policy. I love them. They heat beautifully, no hot spots, and have already recommended them to everyone in my family. I think they'd be a great gift. If you want to see them online, go to the US site and you'll find them for $179. I didn't find them on the Canadian site. To find them in the store, look to your immediate left when you walk in. If you don't have a membership, hopefully someone at your work does, or I believe that Costco may still have one-day passes. Good luck.

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            1. re: SuZee

              I am not certain if this is now pertinent, or if you go to Buffalo, but Wegmans sold All-Clad for 40% off last year.
              I don't go often, so not certain if this was just a one time thing .
              I purchased a couple of Pots at the time, and they were less than half of Canadian prices after the discount.

              1. re: erly

                Full Tummy,

                Here is a link to the store where I bought my set of All-Clad. It gives you prices to sets and individual pieces. Hendrix Restaurant Supply is located in Pickering.


                The 7 piece set is advertised for $800 and the 10 at $1080.

                1. re: liverwurst

                  Thanks, liverwurst. I will check them out.

                  1. re: Full tummy

                    homsense is great if you don't need a complete set...i've seen every brand mentioned there for about 40-50% off retail, sometimes even more...

            2. Junors in Bayview village carries all clad. I think they have 2 other locations, but i can not find a website. I have no idea about how competitive the prices are.

              2901 Bayview Ave, Toronto, ON M2K, CA

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              1. re: dancingTimmy

                Full Tummy,

                I just noticed that the 7 piece All-Clad set is on SALE for $700 (down from $800) and the 10 piece at $900.