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Oct 24, 2010 10:04 AM

London - Lunch Suggestions

My parents (one of whom is a coeliac) will be in London for the Gauguin exhibition. They want to get lunch (max £20 per head) either nearish (they have zone 1&2 travelcards) to Euston or the Tate Modern. I've looked at previous posts but nothing seemed to leap out. Any suggestions? Thanks lots.

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  1. haver - i'd suggest the swan at the globe. mark sargeant now consults there and, although i was upstairs in the restaurant (bar with food down) on both my visits, all the food looked great. the venue itself is rather pleasant, it's right next to the tate and has great views of the thames. it does get busy though so booking is essential.

    1. If you cross the Millennium bridge there's a really nice restaurant tucked away on the north side of the river right opposite the Tate Modern called North Bank.

      1. It's a ten min walk to London Bridge where you'll find the Borough Market surrounds and Brindisa, Roast, Vivat Bacchus, Magdalen. All of those would fit the bill very nicely I imagine. That said ,Swan at the Globe is very nice and very near, and I've hear Northbank is nice too.

        My best suggestion: the 2 courses for £15.50 or 3 for £18.50 at Magdalen (provided they're going on a weekday).