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Oct 13, 2005 10:48 AM

Good Fried Chicken - Albertson's

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A co-worker brought Albertson's fried chicken to work potluck. It was delicious, I thought she made it. Was surprised at the end of the day when she said it was Albertson's. She said it's $5.99 for eight pieces and the key is calling to find out how often they fry it and getting it fresh. I called the one in my area (labrea and rodeo) and they said they fry it every 20mins. Another co-worker said to try Ralphs or Whole Paycheck, uh, I mean Whole Foods cuz theirs are better. True?

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  1. I dont know but it would be hard to beat Costco's or Sam's whole barbecued chicken for $4.99, large,meaty,and very tasty.

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    1. re: malibumike

      I think the OP was talking about fried chicken and not the (spit) roasted type.

    2. if you like that - try stater brothers fried chicken. btw - both charge $4.99 in my area. i also agree that costco's chicken - - i've had the rotissere - tasts great and a great price

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      1. re: kj

        I agree on both counts. SB has that great meal deal, too (that is if there is one near you!).

      2. I've never seen _fried_ chicken at Whole Foods--but then I didn't know till I read this board they made great hamburgers, either. However I will say WF's _roasted_ chickens are pitiful--skinniest chickens ever seen, no flavor, and will barely feed 2 people. So it will take some convincing that they do great fried chicken. (BTW, I'm still wiping down my screen from "whole paycheck"). I hate the drive to Costco but have to admit they own me for roast chicken.

        Fried chicken is something I'd much rather buy than do at home anyway so I will check out Albertson's.

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        1. re: tarabell

          I agree w/ you about WF's roast chickens - extremely tasteless and not worth the healthy no-salt factor when you're paying up the wha-zoo.

          I have had their fried chicken, though - and must tastier, actually pretty decent tasting. I make myself feel a little better about eating this though by adding some steamed veggies that are usually right next to the fried chicken.

          1. re: tarabell

            Some friends and I have been calling it Whole paycheck for about a year now. LOL. Thank God for Trader Joe's.

            Anyway, I am at costco often, will try the roast chicken and report back.

            Just make sure to call your albertson's and ask the service deli how often they make it or when a fresh batch will be coming out.

            They said the fried chicken at whole paycheck is usually over by the salad bar/taco bar. enjoy!

            1. re: Renee

              Great, love to hear your report. And I recommend Costco's babyback ribs too (should be right next to the chickens but not always out at the same time). We never leave without one or the other, and most times, both.

              Now that you mention the salad bar at WF, I think I do remember seeing fried chicken there--in the hot entree section.

          2. Of course it is good, see the linked posting...


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            1. re: Chino Wayne

              That was hilarious! I might give your strategy a try if I can round up enough people to help me eat the 24 pieces of chicken. What a well thought out plan! Thanks for the write-up.

              1. re: Chino Wayne
                Chris in Conejo

                Excellent tactical moves which I will integrate into my own shopping trips!

              2. Avoid Ralphs! The chicken is extremely salty.

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                1. re: Fat Fudge

                  I tried Ralphs tonight, wing and leg. It is saltier than albertsons.

                  Albertsons was much better to me. Ralphs' fried chicken kinda reminds me of Golden Bird, but with less batter, and albertson's reminds me more of homemade.