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Oct 24, 2010 07:17 AM

Chop Stick Cafe in Winchester Va

Don't think anyone has mentioned this place before on Chowhound. Opened last winter n the old Stonewall Restaurant on Piccadilly Street in Winchester--not far Piccadilly's Public House.

Restaurant has a varied sushi, burger, pan-Orient menu, but the best things we have had so far are Thai (and mostly not on the menu). Troeg's beer along with a variety of others (all bottle, but fresh), and the absolute best Key Lime Pie I have ever eaten.

Highly recommended if you like Thai food (although Winchester has several good Thai places), highly recommended for Beer afficionados (there is a bar area--so dropping in for a Mad Elf would be ok), and very highly recommended (better than Sweetwater in Herndon) for the Key Lime Pie.

Would like to hear other opinions, but the food is almost as good as One Block West (as good if you factor in the pie), and so is the beer.

One Block West Restaurant
25 S Indian Aly, Winchester, VA 22601

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  1. I've had the pad thai - very, very good. family business too - I love to support small businesses.

    1. We had an excellent meal last week. The owner tended to our drink queries, and we found an amazing array of beers, ciders, sake at our disposal.

      We had sushi and Thai dishes, and all were marked by the freshness of the ingredients. No goopy sauces on Pad Thai or drunken noodles, just a fresh mix of flavors! The spice meter that they offer is spot on. I ordered a level 3, and wouldn't have wanted it any hotter. (Highest is 10, and I do like some heat in my food)

      We sampled a few beers, including some unknown locals, and a very unusal blackberry cider that was out of this world. Everything you want an English cider to be without the cloying sweetness.

      Dessert was the much acclaimed key lime pie, and it certainly lived up to its reputation. Not too sweet, and a true taste of the limes, with bits of zest appropriately mixed in. The crust was sensational...

      We drive up 81 regularly, and will be stopping at every chance. This place is definitely worth a detour if you are in the area...