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Oct 24, 2010 06:55 AM

Carol Coviello-Malzone, _Flavors of Rome_ ??

Has any Chowhounder read Carol Coviello-Malzone, _Flavors of Rome: How What & Where To Eat In The Eternal City_, published Sep 29, 2010 ? Can any of y'all recommend it? Is the author a Chowhounder? A book review is requested.

I've been away for a while, and perhaps this already has been discussed yet missed by my use of the search engine.

I'll be back in Rome in February before going on to Greece via Lecce. Lucky me.

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  1. I saw, I bought, I read. It's a book for American beginners. The first two chapters are introductory and correct misconceptions: that there is no such thing as Italian cuisine, every region having its own (at least that's my way, not the author's, of saying it); and that Italian-_American_ isn't Italian-Italian (e.g. oil oil for bread).

    The next chapter is about "rules of eating in Italy", again is useful for beginners.

    Chapter 4 introduces, in 3 pages, Roman cooking.

    Chapters 5 and 6 are the author's recommendations for restaurants in Rome. Chowhounders will quibble with some of the choices, affirm others, and lament some omissions Folks new to Chowhound will wish to use the search engine to see Chowhounders' own views of particular restaurants.

    The author rightly cautions that even the best restaurants might have a bad night; I've never had a bad meal at Il Convivo (not in this book), and what I have eaten has been worth the high price; some other Chowhounders differ. The one time I ate at Colline Emiliane, I wasn't all that impressed; not so some Chowhounders.

    My complaint about this otherwise useful-for-beginners book: only 96 pages. Perhaps the author wishes to spare fliers the extra expense for luggage.

    The Glossary at the end is useful, albeit basic. Still, it's no replacement for our own M. Fant's _Dictionary of Italian Cuisine_