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Oct 24, 2010 06:40 AM

Village Social Mt Kisco

Went here last night after having kunch a couple of weeks ago.

Place was a scene, bustling with many people at the bar and tables were full. Not loud but a good feeling...

Had two drinks to start off a beer and a mediocre Savingnon Blanc ( I am a wine snob) My wife did get to try another white as a taste , thus they are quite accomodating.

Ordered pasta's... Mine was Pappadelle with shortribs and my wife had the linguine with seafood. Both were very well cooked with good seasoning and tastes. Bill came to $64.00 and was not overpriced in my book. Both pasta dishes were entree portions, so we were quite sated. Would go back....two stars out of four.

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  1. Wanted to like this place so badly...awful experience.
    Moderne Barn is way superior!

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      Really? I have not heard much good about Modern Barn.

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        Agree wholeheartedly apples, but prices are 50% higher at MB. Had a suprisingly good meal there a few nights ago. I was fortunate to have a professional waiter there. The service can be lame sometimes.

      2. Had a fantastic experience at Village Social last night. Started with a warm greeting and a stop at the thriving bar. Crowd seemed classy but unpretentious. A comfortable scene with a good vibe and excellent service. Had a corner table for 5 complete with professional and courteous waiter (thanks Nick!). We shared the goat cheese pizza and the truffle mac and cheese (I know its been done before - but delicious is delicious). No complaints there. Had the bronzino special for main - perfectly prepared with the right complement of vegetables to add the flavor profile required. Others had the pappardelle with shortribs (to die for) the chopped salad with salmon (predictable but good) and I forget what the other two had as I was focused on my own meal. Apparently there was some Ketel One Vodka promotion going on and we were lucky enough to be paid a visit by the Ketel One "girls" who gave us each a full cocktail of Ketel One and some juices. Kind of like a martini but wasn't - quite yummy and unexpected. And again, very classy and professional - not like the shooter girls of my past life.
        Shared the apple pie and the chocolate, nutella bread pudding - we left nary a crumb. We stayed for a long time and never once felt rushed.
        Can't wait to go back.

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        1. We've been here twice and, I must say, it's a welcome addition to the area. Comfortable room, nice busy vibe and a bartender who knows how to build a cocktail. They don't take reservations for small groups, but we've been seated promptly both times (two Fridays, I think).
          My advice on the menu is to apply Occam's razor: the simplest solution--e.g. burgers and pizzas and pastas--is probably the best. The specials/high-end entrees have been mediocre. For some reason people are comparing it to Moderne Barn, though I think MB is striving to be more innovative/a destination. IMO, a better comparison for Village Social is to Pine Social in New Caanan. Both are comfortable neighborhood places where you can grab a last-minute meal out. From that perspective Village Social stacks up well.

          1. PS: I suspect you are a transplanted Brooklynite like me. I'd give 10 North Stars for one Al Di La or Convivium Osteria, eh?

            North Star Restaurant
            85 Westchester Ave, Pound Ridge, NY 10576

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            1. So I'm feeling a bit like Chevy Chase: Our top story tonight: Village Social is still good...
              Went here last-minute on Friday when Ms. Poindexter declared a cooking moratorium and it was such a pleasant, relaxing visit that I had to return and extoll the virtues of this neighborhood place. First of all, they really know their chops behind the bar. I usually call out my drinks, but was intrigued by the "Soul Power" on their menu--a French 75 made with Hendricks Gin and St. Germain. It did not disappoint.
              We started with the wild boar sausage pizza and it was really nice--wild tasting, yes, but not at all gamey. I then had a burger that was quite serviceable though perhaps a bit dry, accompanied by fries that were sublime--hot & crisp outside and cushiony within. They also took good care of our youngster (4). In fact, the early seating was sort of a Romper Room scene. There are no crayons and no kids menu, but more importantly they will do smaller portion and the place was buzzing such that, while we could hear each other, we couldn't hear other kids and they would not have heard ours. By the time we left, the kids were mostly gone and the singles & couples--who had been in the bar, which is spearate from the dining room--were taking over.
              A comfortable and reliable neighborhood joint with good drinks & well-prepared-if-not-inspired food will keep us coming back.

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