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Oct 24, 2010 05:31 AM

Casual lunch to impress...but not overpriced.

Hi there, although I'm actually local, I'm hoping that you lot may be able to help me with a decision.

I'll be meeting up for lunch with a high school teacher of mine from years ago, so I'm looking for a place that will be nice for us to catch up and eat. However, she is a little of a foodie and well, after so many years, I'd like to bring her to a place that wouldn't be so low-key, but nothing super pretentious.

She is a bit on her age, thus require a walker and decent space in order to move about, so preferably no where packed like sardine where she'd be uncomfortable.

Most importantly is nothing extremely pricey. I do not want to have a reunion where the price would feel overboard and intimidating for a lunch when she opens the menu, I think that may send some wrong messages or awkwardness.

Like the title said, a casual lunch to impress, but not overpriced.

Thanks for the help in advance!

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  1. What city, or if Montreal, any particular part of town? What type of cuisine? What budget range? ("pricey" is so subjective)

    1. How about Milos?

      Their lunch special - 3 courses for $20 - is a great deal. The food is simple, fresh and incredibly well prepared, which strikes me as a winning trifecta for a getting-on-in-age foodie. The general atmosphere (if only at lunch - have yet to go for dinner) is elevated and refined without being especially pretentious, and the dining room is airy and uncramped, which is another boon for you.

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        when i have gone for lunch at milos lots of socializing, could get noisy, and depends if she likes fish as that is speciality but problem would be washrooms being downstairs -would not be conducive to walker! I have not been to lemeac for lunch, only dinner (menu would be online) but their washroom is on same floor and i think everything would be ok for someone with a walker, personally i would call ahead to get a table that makes it easier for her, whatever restaurant you choose. On second thought lemeac looks expensive unless they have special lunch prices. You could check if l arrivage is open for lunch in this fall season, there is ramp, elevator and has nice view of old port... I have only been for brunch so dont know about ambience other times
        I thought of birks new restaurant but problem is again the stairs going up to mezzanine although they probably have some elevator access, i passed by it other day and although it was busy i didnt find the decor anything special, had vases in wall cases like you were eating in a store, and the desserts were on display (along with chocolates) but real tiny, not bad if you are watching calories actually maybe a plus! Menu:

        if she is a foody she might be interested in this resto at birks; also macaroons are on display and in boxes to go, in the store counter at back of resto --; the artisan chocolates are minuscule and all named after jewels so appropriate for the location! Have to go back for samplings....

        are you going during weekday, i asked because sometimes i have gone for a lunch at a restaurant and learned on weekend they convert to brunches!

      2. Thanks for the replies so far, I suppose I'll take this oppurtunity to add additional information to further assist my question.

        There is no serious restriction as to which part of Montreal as she and I both can drive, however, she does live on the West Side of Montreal, so I'm not thinking of exactly asking her to trudge through traffic to go to Brossard sort of deal, otherwise the General area of Montreal shouldn't be a problem.

        As I've said, she is a bit of a foodie, so the woman enjoys her food! Nothing of serious allergies except a few clams, but most seafood she'll enjoy, and she does have a fondness for asian cuisine, though that is not a requirement.

        Price range I'm looking for something where perhaps a main course plus a appetizer to share or such wouldn't cross over anything as $25 p person at best. I don't want to give her a wrong idea of bringing her to an expensive restaurant and asking her to pay 30ish for lunch for just a casual meet up.

        In terms of date, we haven't set it yet, but I wouldn't bet on brunch as I haven't have a firm grasp on the dates yet, so perhaps I'll just assume it will be on the weekday for now.

        Looking forward for more suggestions. Thanks!

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          Since she has a fondness for asian cuisine, why not bring her for dim sum? That is definitely reasonably priced, even if you eat a lot, and fit for a foodie.

          I'd suggest Tong Por in Ville St-Laurent or Kam Fung in Chinatown. Plenty of room to get around at both. Kam Fung has an elevator/escalator for ease of access.

        2. I'd suggest Justine Bistro a Vin on St-Denis just above Mont-Royal. They have a lunch special for $11.95. However, even the regular menu should have lots of choices within your price range.

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          1. re: eoj

            That's a great call.

            But I think the one on St. Denis is down some stairs, no? Maybe check out their offshoots on Van Horne or Lajoie instead.

            1. re: thebenc

              You're right ... in good weather the terrasse is at ground level though. However, if she can manage a few stairs, it's only about 5-6 if I recall correctly.

          2. I just recently went for lunch at A Table, a newish restaurant by the owner of Madre and Raza. It's located on Fleury street, near St-Urbain. I had a most memorable lunch of Brocoli soup (so amazing!) and chorizo risotto that was excellent for a mere 15$ plus tax. Other options that day were duck breast and salmon and all 3 were delicious according to my fellow "lunchers" There are also no stairs and parking on the street is quite easy at lunch time.