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Oct 24, 2010 03:57 AM

Duck head and neck what do I with then?

I bought a duck at the local asian supermarket and it was screaming deal. On the way home I noticed it still had the neck and head. What should I do with these parts? I was planning on extracting the tongue (I hear it's a delicacy), chopping off the neck giving it to my cat. and boilng the head and giving it to my my friend who collects skulls. Any other ideas?

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  1. It seems like you have all the bases covered and there's not any parts leftover to do anything I'll assume your query is for other uses in the future. One head and neck really is not much to anything with. Unless you save the rest of the carcass, or other bones, you really will not have enough to make a stock with. You could add any parts to make a small pot of Congee.....but I would just pick at the skin and the little meat offered...

    1. Decoration for table setting?

      Ok, only joking.

      As fourunder mentioned up above, unless you combine it with the rest of the duck bones and maybe the wings and feet to make stock (which I highly recommend by the way), the head and neck BY THEMSELVES have very little culinary use.

      1. I normally use them to make sauces. While it may not be enough to do a stock on its own Chopped up, Sauteed till you have a nice fond and some rendered fat. Then add Shallots and any other aromatics brown again, Deglaze and you have a great start for a sauce.