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Oct 23, 2010 10:32 PM

Dinner at Lemeac Bistrot 1045 ave Laurier Ouest

Tonight my friend took me to Lemeac for a late birthday dinner, she made reservations for 7pm. Typically every couple of months, we go out and discover a restaurant that we haven't been to yet, since we're both not originally from here.

The food we had this evening was not only done perfectly, but we were amazed at how we loved absolutely everything we had. We started off with two entrees, she had the pan-seared calamari with zucchini and I had the vegetable tian with raw milk cheddar. we shared them, and I have to say that the calamari was excellent, not overdone and the seasoning was just right. Neither of us are fans of salt, so it was amazing that we had come to the agreement. The tian was like a ratatouille, extremely thin slices of vegetables, that looked like it was neatly wrapped up with zucchini and tomato, and the cheddar, wasn't visibly noticeable, but when you took a bite, it definitely there.

For our plat principals, she took the pan-seared scallops, mashed fingerling potatoes and Mujjol caviar and for me, the Pot au feu sea salt salmon. (Yes we are both huge fans of seafood and from the coasts, so we're both picky about freshness) I had asked for my salmon to be done on the medium rare side, as I don't enjoy fully cooked salmon, and they definitely got it right! We usually order dishes where we get to try dishes that we would both agree upon. Her scallops were rich and tender, and as odd as it may sound, I will have to say the mashed fingerling potatoes with caviar, was absolutely to die for. It had a beautiful fresh earthy potato taste, that alternated with a mild buttery taste, and not too much caviar that it over powered the potato.

My pot au feu, had very delicate taste. The salmon melted in my mouth, and at the end of each bit, I would taste a subtle note of fleur de sel. It was accompanied with vegetables such as potatoes, turnip, brussel sprouts, carrot, and green onions. The broth was very natural, without heavy-handed seasoning, and as I took a sip of it, again at the end, I would notice that subtle note of fleur de sel.

As I quite enjoyed white wine from New Zealand, we both got a wine by the glass, that was superb, unfortunately i do not have the name of it, but the menu carried 2 different kinds, and we went with our server's suggestion.

All in all, we both had a delicious dinner, that most unfortunately did not leave room for a dessert.

Leméac Café Bistrot
1045 Av Laurier W, Outremont, QC H2V2L1, CA

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  1. I finally got around to experiencing the "after 10" menu and it was delightful birthday treat! I still dream about the steak and fries that I devoured (to my boyfriend's surprise) and made room for the profiteroles. The staff was incredibly attentive and even put a candle on my desert when they found out it was my birthday. I would go back again for a nice late night dinner.

    1. i had the scallops with mashed fingerlings on my last visit and i've been craving them ever since (4 months ago)

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        sounds delicious! must give that a try the next time around.

      2. Tried it last Sunday. The menu made it difficult for me to choose since I wanted to try most of it. Started with the Panko crusted goat cheese apple walnut salad and crab cake, both were good. Then split the salmon tartar with truffle oil and the pork chop with morel sauce. The tartar was literally salmon , chives and truffle oil. Wasn't so impressed. The pork chop was ok but somewhat dry and the morels were rehydrated which I guess is normal considering the season. Finished off sharing the sticky toffee pudding with homemade ice cream and the French toast. The sticky toffee was good (tasted exactly like the one I make) the French toast was HUGE! Thickest piece of bread I've ever seen. It was ok but I found it could of used more time in the oven. All in all I enjoyed it and would be back for the after 10 special but not before as it's pretty pricey.