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Oct 23, 2010 09:08 PM

European import grocery store in the New Orleans area?

HI all! I have a friend visiting from the UK who has been craving jaffa cakes (and a few other itmes only sold in the UK) for a few days now. We have found a few sites online that can provide some of the items she wants, but we would rather go into an actual store if its possible.I have a car so anywhere in the area is fine.

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  1. The one i use is International Market off Cleary, behind Paretti Mazda/Land Rover. It is mostly Indian and Middle Eastern but they also have a small UK section where I'll pick up pickled onions and used to get Marmite before I got another source for Vegimite, which I prefer. They also had a JCS Boston Dry Jerk seasoning from Jamaica that is so good and versitile that I bought them out.

    The biggest problem with the store is check the sell by dates. Too much of their dry stores stuff is very near or over the date.

    International Market
    3940 Barron St, Metairie, LA

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      My friend thanks you. She says a small UK section is better than no UK section at all

    2. We were pretty excited to find dark chocolate Tunnocks at the World Market in Harvey.

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        We'll check it out. She'll be here for about a month. She's looking forward to eating New Orleans cuisine, but she also wants a few things from home.