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Oct 23, 2010 08:37 PM

Trying to Find Whole Yellow (Dried) Peas.

For soup. It's making me crazy....they are readily available in every other city where I've lived, but in the Lower Mainland I'm having a hell of a time tracking them down.

(I can find split peas, no problem, but I soooooo prefer the whole peas, the soup has a much better texture with those little skins!) They've gotta be yellow, though. Green pea soup ain't happening in my house:)

I've tried:

Roots Organic (Maple Ridge)
Save On

In Winnipeg, my mom gets them at a bulk store, but I've never seen one in the Vancouver area? I'm in Maple Ridge, but I'll drive anywhere to find them....I have two luscious smoked pork hocks for the soup I'm craving, and no peas....I'm desperate!

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  1. try dollar grocers on commercial

    1. oh also try famous foods on kingsway

      1. Weigh To Go Bulk Foods

        (604) 270 6363

        1. Thanks, folks! I'll check those out.

          1. Score! Got them at Galloways, thnx, Philx!

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            1. re: SherBel

              Great I know how important a good pea soup can be. By the way there is a new Galloways on Marine Dr. near Bounday Rd which would be a bit closer to you than Richmond coming from Maple Ridge.

              #110 8620 Glenlyon Parkway
              Burnaby, BC
              Tel: (604) 430 6363