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Oct 23, 2010 08:31 PM

Canteen for Lunch?

Yes, i know that it has one of the best brunches in the city, and is a great dinner spot, but have heard very little about weekday lunch there. Is it worth going for?

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  1. Really? No one's been for lunch?

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    1. re: vulber

      Canteen is NOT open for lunch. Got that straight from the horse's mouth - Dennis Leary himself. No matter what the website says. They're not open at all during the week for lunch. He's at Goldenwest at lunchtime.

      1. re: mariacarmen

        You're kidding! Thank you for replying mariacarmen.

        Good grief, what is so hard about putting correct hours on their website? Kinda makes planning a trip difficult and a lot more time-consuming.

        If you know for sure, could someone please reply with Canteen's 100% correct hours and seating times?

        1. re: sweet100s

          You should probably just try calling and leaving a message. they are very good about returning calls.

    2. Canteen was open for lunch on Fridays up until a couple of months ago (the last time I went) and according to Open Table, they still are. Of course, it is definitely possible that has changed.

      For what it is worth, their Friday lunches were great. Usually dinner like entrees with a salad or two as well. I had a great pasta dish with lamb.

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      1. re: meggie t

        I am thinking since he opened GoldenWest he stopped doing lunch at Canteen, since he is cooking lunch at GW everyday. Open Table is behind the times, because Leary did tell me directly that Canteen is not open for lunch, a little over a week ago.

        but, yeah, I bet it was great!