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Oct 23, 2010 05:34 PM

sun dried tomatoes

Hey, got a jar of sun dried tomatoes packed in olive oil as part of a gift. What are some good suggestions for it?

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    1. OMG, you're on your way to heaven. Chop them up in salads, include them in a pasta dish, use them in hot or cold sandwiches or a part of a stuffing with vegetables or as an ingredient in a strata. They can be used (chopped) in scrambled eggs and omelets, pureed and used as a spread on bruschetta (with a little bit of good quality cheese - provolone, ricotta, mozzarella) and a thousand other tasty uses.

      1. One of my fav ways is in tuna fish salad. Since they are already packed in oil you're halfway there. I add a bit of fresh lime juice, some chopped green onion and serve on tomato basil bread. Yummy.

        1. i chop 'em up and use them with quinoa or cous cous - yum!

          1. There's an unbelieveable number of uses for them; my fav is straight out of the jar, while standing in front of the frig with the door open.

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