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Oct 23, 2010 04:50 PM

Seeking a decent weekend breakfast within 10 minutes of Hockessin, DE

Mr. Travelmad478 and I are just about moved into Hockessin now and looking for someplace...anyplace...that serves a good breakfast on a Saturday morning. We have tried, and twice been bitterly disappointed by, Perfect Cup Cafe (coffee is fine, space is pleasant, food is just awful). We have one OK spot in Kennett, but that's it. How about Avondale, or anything in that direction? We're not looking for a spectacular brunch or anything, just someplace that knows how to cook a decent plate of French toast and (dare I dream it) poached eggs. We like Hank's in Chadds Ford, but that's kind of a hike for a normal day, and too often a long wait.

Thanks for the help!

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  1. What about Talula's Table in Kennett Square. Country Butcher Cafe in Kennett Square is outstanding. Take a cooler and bring home some of the fine prepared foods, meat and cheese they have in their market. Sinclair's is a neat place also.

    Talula's Table @ 102 W State Street, Kennett Square, PA 610 - 444 - 8255.

    Country Butcher Cafe @ 145 S Walnut Street, Kennett Square, PA 610 - 444 - 5980.

    Sinclair's Sunrise Cafe @ 127 E State Street, Kennett Square, PA 610 - 444 - 8141.

    1. Kim's in downtown Hockessin is pretty OK. I like the idea of a breakfast place where the owner is around. Its just the way it should be. Food is pretty good, ambience is luncheonette-ish,.

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        Kim's in Hockessin has really good banana pancakes. And I am picky! They are my "bad weather option" when blizzards prevent me from getting my breakfast fix in Philly.

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          I may give Kim's a try. Mr. travelmad478 has been there and didn't like it (bad service) but maybe he got them on a bad day. It is certainly close by. I really wish Perfect Cup had a real kitchen and real cooks--that place* would* be "Perfect" if they could actually make any decent food. We tried them again this past Saturday and I had the absolute worst excuse for French toast that has ever been put on a plate. On my previous visits I had one lame sandwich and one plate of seriously greasy eggs. Sigh.

          The Perfect Cup Cafe
          7460 Lancaster Pike Ste C, Hockessin, DE 19707

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            There's only so much you can do on a George Foreman grill. LOL

            They do turn out a decent reuben (and I'm picky).

      2. I'm curious about your "OK spot in Kennett."

        I also recommend Talula's Table. They have a delicious fritata, and they've got really good coffee.

        If you like Hanks, you might also like the Longwood Family Restaurant, on Rt. 1 where Hugo's used to be. I think it's fine for breakfast if eggs/bacon/pancakes/home fries is what you're looking for.

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          The place in Kennett is Sinclair's Sunrise Cafe. It's a pretty basic luncheonette-type place, 127 E. State St. If you can get a table on the sidewalk it's nice (the dining room is nothing special). They are open for breakfast and lunch seven days a week. The menu is here: http://www.sunrisecafe-tearoom.com/me...

          This is pretty much what I'm looking for, if I can get it a little closer to home. As for Talula's, I have been there for dinner and loved it, but I don't think they do cooked to order breakfast, do they? Maybe I am wrong. I thought it was just baked/prepared stuff and cheeses.

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            I've been to Sunrise Cafe a few times for breakfast and lunch. A couple of my friends really like it; me, not so much. As for TT, you're right -- they do not do a cooked-to-order breakfast.

        2. Fran Keller's Eatery in Kennett is a great breakfast stop. Excellent omlettes, country fried steak with sausage gravy, Eggs Benedict on Sunday (which are excellent), and other choices. Also, the owner, Fran, is very much in presence, and I agree with you on that call.

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            Fran Keller's sounds like a winner, thanks! I haven't tried that one but will definitely check it out.

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              I totally forgot about Fran Keller's. It's a great local spot for your eggs/bacon/french toast type breakfast. Coffee... not so great.

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                Since I don't drink coffee, I'm fine with that :-)

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                  We finally hit Fran Keller's on Saturday--it was lunchtime, but I felt like having biscuits and gravy anyway, so I did. And it was delicious! I have often been disappointed with the execution of this dish (most of the time the gravy is insanely salty), but Fran Keller's did a very fine job with it, and the biscuits were excellent. Good home fries, too.

                  Everyone enjoyed their food (a monstrously large southwestern omelet, a Reuben, and a burger) although we did have one discordant moment. Mr. travelmad478 loves patty melt sandwiches, and since the sandwich menu lists hamburgers as a sandwich option, asked the waitress if she knew what a patty melt was. She said sure, he said he'd have that, and she wrote it down. Next thing we know, we hear the cook loudly complaining from the grill that there is no patty melt on the menu and he won't make it. She comes back to report this, and Mr. travelmad478 then orders a cheeseburger sandwich on rye with grilled onions (a.k.a. a patty melt, and available from the various sandwich options on the menu). I felt like I was in that scene from Five Easy Pieces. He got his sandwich, but the rye bread wasn't toasted. He contemplated sending it back, but then thought this might be risking more wrath from the cook.

                  Anyway, that episode didn't take away from our enjoyment of the whole experience. Our waitress Becky was excellent and friendly (and very understanding about the patty melt issue) and the food hit the spot.

                  Thansk to Dave H and CindyJ for the recommendation!

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                    Wow. The other stuff must've been truly amazing to counteract the wretched behavior over the patty melt. Would've ruined it for me.

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                      The waitress saved the whole thing, to her great credit. It was more funny than anything else.

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                        Great waitress! One hopes management reads Chowhound. They deserve to see how things work when they aren't there (I'm assuming that they would object to this).

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                      Sounds like the Soup Nazi has a Patty Melt Nazi cousin! gr

                2. My girlfriend Caroline really likes this place Over Coffee Cafe in Lantana Square.

                  I live closer to Wilmington but even that isn't a long drive from Hockessin. I love Kozy Korner. They only take cash though. Excellent omelettes and home fries.

                  Kozy Korner Restaurant
                  906 N Union St, Wilmington, DE 19805

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                    Aha, thanks for that Over Coffee idea! I had no clue they were in there--I haven't been in that shopping center much. (I can't stand that Acme.)

                    Kozy Korner is pretty much what I am looking for (I have lived very close to it for 12 years) but my goal is to find something close to my new home in Hockessin.

                    Kozy Korner Restaurant
                    906 N Union St, Wilmington, DE 19805

                    1. re: travelmad478

                      Now that we have tried Over Coffee Cafe, another big thank you to in bocca for the suggestion. This place absolutely hit the spot. We have finally moved into Hockessin (after 14 months of "visiting" our under-renovation house) and since our entire kitchen is still in cardboard boxes, we are doing a LOT of eating out this week. Over Coffee is a winner. It is nothing fabulous, but exactly what I wanted, a good plate of eggs and some truly outstanding home fries. Next time I will try the French toast, in the hopes of driving the bad taste of Perfect Cup's appalling version out of my memory!

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                        yay! so glad to help a fellow foodie find something that hits the spot.