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Oct 23, 2010 04:37 PM

Cozy wine bar or other spot for drinks in the rain?

Suppose it was raining, and suppose you wanted to sit in a comfy chair by a fireplace and have a glass of wine or hot mulled cider and talk quietly with your sweetie (or even read a book by yourself) ... where would you go?

Marin, East Bay and SF suggestions all welcome.


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  1. We're thinking the Pelican Inn would be perfect, but I'm not as keen as my husband to drive the windy road in the rain...

    Pelican Inn
    10 Pacific Way, Muir Beach, CA 94965

    1. Go old school at the Huntington Hotel on Nob Hill - fireplace, piano and a pretty good bar menu (great chicken pot pie) that they serve late, super comfy chairs - good sweetie or solo!

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      1. re: sfgirl22

        We were asking exactly the same question today and could only come up with hotel bars in the City,
        Ended up at Cesar in Berkeley on the way home from Marin but it just didn't do the trick.
        No warm drinks but coffees and the "snack:" we had (fried artichokes and green onions) was only so-so.
        I'd love to know if anyone has alternative ideas for the future!

        1. re: Oakland Barb

          No fireplace, but I've had a very nice Hot Toddy at Wood Tavern.

          Wood Tavern
          6317 College Ave., Oakland, CA 94618