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Oct 23, 2010 04:20 PM

Any Jamaica Suggestions especially for Kingston

We will be in Jamaica for a few days, flying in and out of Kingston and will have a rental car, and don't mind driving for good food.

We are searching for a couple things:

(1) Any really special, fancy restaurants in Kingston.

(2) Any restaurants that we should not miss up to a few hours drive outside of Kingston?

(3) Any suggestions for "food tours" such as a coffee plantation?

(4) Any suggestions for markets to be sure to visit, especially for Jamaica sodas, other bottled soft drinks, and fruits?

Thanks so much!

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  1. I went a few years ago and had a good time. I recomend the Appleton Rum tour. Its really touristy but a great time.

    If you can, pick up an older edition of the Rough Guide to Jamaica. There is an amazing restaurant, in a little inn, near Black River listed in there. It was by far the best food we had all trip. The place was owned by two sisters, I think. They cooked from scratch everyday. You can eat on their porch over looking the beach, or there is a gazebo on the beach you can eat at.

    I will repost if I remember the name.