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Oct 23, 2010 03:49 PM

best greek restaurant in miami area

What is the best greek restaurant choices in miami and miami beach?

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  1. I have to say there are no good greek restaurant choices. My fiance is greek, we cook greek food at home and spend alot of time with his family in greece, so we are especially picky... but we've gone everywhere and have basically given up on good local greek food.
    I would say the best greek meal ive had in miami was at Mandolin in the design district. Its not 100% classic greek, but a bit of a mix of greek/turkish. I had a very tasty lunch there and would like to go back.
    People like Greek Islands in fort lauderdale but i dont think its worth the drive.
    Some people also really like anise. I ate there once.... it was so so, and I havent returned.
    Mandolin is probably your best bet

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      I have to agree about Mandolin. My wife and I ate there on our trip down to South Beach earlier this month. I had the octopus app. One of the best I've had, anywhere. The gyro was quite tasty also. My wife had the lamb which she said was very good. Be forewarned the menu isn't huge. Just for the hell of it we asked the concierge at our hotel for the name of a greek restaurant. Anyone want to guess what he recommended?

      South Beach Cafe
      121 5th St, Miami Beach, FL 33139

    2. I like Anise Taverna quite a bit. It's a bit more pan-Mediterranean than exclusively Greek, but there are many things they do very well. We always have to get two orders of the tzatziki - one for the table, and one for my daughter who insists on having her own. Their grilled octopus is excellent, as are any of the whole grilled fish (usually a choice between branzino and sea bream, as well as nice sardines in the appetizer section of the menu). It's also one of the few places locally where you can find head-on prawns. Their moussaka is not the best that I've ever had but there's nothing wrong with it either. Good wine selection including several from Greece. Very friendly owners too, and even a waterfront view on the Little River.

      I've not been to Mandolin but have heard good things.

      I also like Maria's on Coral Way for simpler, straight-ahead Greek food, though I haven't been back there in some time.

      Rondo - I'm suspecting a concierge's first choice of Greek place would be Taverna Opa.

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        DINGDINGDINGDING! I'll deliver your prize next time we are down there. Will have to try Anise Taverna next time. Do try Mandolin and let us know what you think.

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          Love Anise Taverna, I love the fact that the owners take pride of serving the most amazing homestyle dishes in Miami.