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Oct 23, 2010 02:18 PM

Looking for a food blog. Had lots of pumpkin recipes lately. Called something like DirtPoorGirl

Or CheapGourmet. Or FrugalGirl.

Or something. Had the concept of frugality or cheap but good.

I looked at the recipes and they looked great. Lots of great ideas. Like I said, a focus on pumpkin recently.

The recipes weren't all THAT inexpensive. But they looked really good. And she gave the price for each one.

Does this sound familiar to anyone? I probably saw on this list. If not, maybe someone has seen?

Had some things I want to try.

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    1. re: small h

      Neither are it. Thanks though. Will look at them.

      1. re: karykat

        Hi, could it have been ?
        Would be interested in other sites of this kind and the ones above.

    2. It's Broke Ass Gourmet, I think. She's had a TON of pumpkin recipes lately.

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      1. re: LauraGrace

        Yes, yes, yes. This is it. Looks really good. Nicely done. The recipes have a little bit of a different twist. Have you cooked from it?


        1. re: karykat

          I am curious about the pumpkin curry pizza, that's on my list to try!

          1. re: karykat

            Is the ? referring to brokeass or hungrygirl?
            If for hungrygirl, i can't wait to try the box cake mix with only a can of soda. No eggs or oil. She was on Rachel's show this week.

            1. re: daynia

              The box cake mix with soda is... interesting. The taste and texture is kind of strange. I prefer mixing a box of brownie mix with a can of pumpkin- it doesn't taste as artificial.

              1. re: daynia

                B. A Gourmet.

                Will look at the other one too tho.

            2. re: LauraGrace

              Broke Ass Gourmet, great name for a blog; subject matter right up my alley!

              1. re: bushwickgirl

                bushwickgirl your little bread man is terrifying!

                1. re: blue room

                  Terrifying indeed. And seasonal.

                  I love the name Broke Ass Gourmet. Altho like I said it isn't really cheap food.

                  I love the sound of that pumpkin mac n cheese. Pasta, a little light bechemel sauce, pumpkin, browned butter and aged cheddar. And there's no calories in it because it uses the pumpkin! Got good reviews. Will definitely be making that.

                  1. re: karykat

                    Me too -- thought it looked amazing. And I love (and totally agree with) the idea that the presence of pumpkin negates calories. That's how come my mother used to let me have pumpkin pie for breakfast after Thanksgiving too! :D

                  2. re: blue room

                    Yes, bread creature is not like me at all; some other slightly deranged person carved him, but it is seasonal.

                    Here's another version of a pumpkin mac n cheese dish with pancetta, from food52, but this one is definitely not for broke ass (or dieting) types: