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Oct 23, 2010 01:59 PM

chile en adobo & tomato paste

I use these when making chilli, and the family isn't feeling chilli this week. Does any one have another recipie using these two? Or how long will they last in the fridge, or can they be frozen. I guess I could make another batch of chilli and just freeze it. Just curious as to what else I could do with them.

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  1. Do you mean the canned chipotles in adobo? My experience is that it keeps for months in a small jar in the back of the fridge.

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    1. re: paulj

      Sorry Paul, I did mean chipotles.......thanks. I usually use them within two weeks....and I'm going on that now. Good to know they will last longer.

    2. They'll freeze fine and last months. Sounds like you want to use everything, so that eliminates a lot of possibilities, since I'm guessing you've quite a bit of paste. Some random ideas:

      Spicy Homemade Ketchup
      Hot Sauce
      Sloppy Joe's
      Beef Stew/soup (But, this seems too close to chili)
      Tomato Sauce (The obvious)
      Enchilada Sauce
      A short-rib or pork shoulder braise would work.
      If you're willing to make multiple dishes you could use the paste and a little chile for a spicy Gazpacho.

      Me... I'd have a little fun and try to see if I could make some wild version of General Tso's chicken. Even if something goes wrong, it's deep-fried x, and that covers up a lot of mistakes.

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        not a huge amount of paste.....but I do have some ground spicy sloppy joe's might be in order! Thanks for suggesting that. Once when trying to clear out the fridge, I did use some tomato paste and chilli's mixed into scrambled eggs...along with some hash brown potatoes....turned out pretty amazing. Was just looking for different ideas rather than freeze. Think the sloppy joes will work!