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Oct 23, 2010 12:03 PM

Annual Broguiere's Egg Nog Sighting Thread

It's about that time [gleefully rubbing hands together]!!!!

Post here when you spot the amazingly delicious Broguiere's Egg Nog, and let us all know the various locations we can get our hands on this treat!

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  1. Broguiere's eggnog is too sweet for me. But I have successfully mixed it with a little milk, cream, and Kentucky Eggnog Spike, a spiced blend of bourbon, brandy, and rum -- see for recipe. Leftover Spike in a sipping glass goes well with cold pizza, Spam sandwiches, oatmeal, ... anything needing (or not needing) a boost.


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    1. re: Harry Niletti

      Harry: I agree with you on the Kentucky Eggnog Spike from Epi; it fixes up any eggnog real nice ;) Though, I must say, Broguiere's ain't too bad.

    2. I haven't seen it anywhere yet... Henry's in Fullerton often has some of the first (even scooping the Unnecessarily Large Whole Paycheque in Tustin).

      I find it's very thick and undrinkable unless cut with liquor (or milk, if you're a "virgin" eggnog drinker).

      What it IS great for un-cut, for the one week the seasons overlap, is drowning guavas in it.

      1. Any sightings? I checked Studio City Ralphs a couple days ago and was told they should have some in within the week.

        1. I saw it at HOWS market in Pasadena the other day...let's see, that must have been Tuesday.

            1. re: LATrapp

              Bristol Farms normally has it early on. I will check out Manhattan Beach this weekend of the weather cools down. I have a fresh nutmeg grinder and a little brandy and I am happy in front of a fire. Its like a meal in itself :)