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Oct 23, 2010 11:38 AM

A observation on *european* stainless finishes

My Demeyre Atlantis series - the interior is not a high polished SS but a satin/brushed finish. Whatever it is, it is VERY EASY on cleanup compare to my AC pieces..

Just got 2 Mauviel pieces in today. SS series. The interior again is similar to the Demeyere in that it's got a matte finish to it. I've yet to compare cleanup but just curious....

Is this a East vs. West sorta thing.....

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  1. "East vs. West "

    I don't think so.

    Calphalon Comtempoary stainless steel has stain brush finish. It is just easier to keep up.

    1. As far as I remember correctly, the stainless line of Le Creuse has matte outside and mirror inside. (Compared to them, AC has more matte finish inside at least to me.) Well, LC SS line is made in China, so maybe we cannot categories this line as European products but maybe there are exceptions to the East vs West thing I guess. Also, my Calphalon Contemporary SS roasting pan has mirror finish inside but I don't have any problem to clean it. I even felt the cleaning is so easy because it has mirror finish. need less to say, I don't own any Demeyer or Mauviel and I am so curious how different it is interms of cleaning because I remember other people also mentioned cleaning Demeyer is so easy.