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Oct 23, 2010 11:08 AM

London, Euston Station

I'm looking for a good curry spot near Euston Station, any ideas?

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  1. i don't have any personal recommendations but a search on the boards using "drummond street" may help you find something suitable

    1. if you're willing to walk about ten mins from euston you could try the indian ymca for a cheap and cheerful lunch.

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        Also somewhat close is Ragam on Cleveland Street. Good dosas.

      2. Try Drummond St, come out of the west entrance past the lost property booth, and in about 1min walk you will be surrounded by a load of south Indian places

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          i try to stay away from these sorta threads .. but thats just wrong. what south indian places?!

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            There kind of aren't any as far as I'm aware. If you jump on the Tube and get off at Camden Town which is two stops northwards, there is a pretty good one on Parkway. Head up and it's the first Indian place on the left, the name of which escapes me.

            Probably the least helpful comment on here, so sorry for that.

        2. Stick to the Indian YMCA on Charlotte. The pickings on Drummond St are pretty grim.

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            Except Raavi Kebab does some of the best seekh kebabs in London. Other dishes there have had some good reviews on here in the past.