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Oct 23, 2010 11:05 AM

Strudel in Montreal??

Years ago, I used to stop by Toman pastry shop on Mackay to enjoy their delicious strudel mit schlag. But alas, it closed. Since then, I've been looking for a place serving strudel. Can anybody help me?

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  1. I don't have any first hand knowledge, but I remember a thread for Petit Munich in Peirrefonds which received much praise

    Don't know if they have strudel or not, maybe someone can chime in.

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    1. re: porker

      yes, they have it !!
      Wawel also has Strudel, at least the one with the poppy seeds.

      1. re: FortyMan

        Petit Munich is not far from where I live, so I'll definitely give it a try! Thanks!!

        1. re: FortyMan

          Is it the real strudel, made with the transparent dough similar to phyllo?

          1. re: carolilas

            sorry, no idea, I only ate the one with poppy seeds from them so far and I think it was a different dough - in German its called "Bl├Ątterteig" = leaf dough

          2. re: FortyMan

            Stopped in at Wawel yesterday. Besides poppy seeds they have three other fillings. I got the hazelnut. Half of a large loaf for $4.50. It was good but not outstanding. I am no expert on dough, but it definitely had no resemblance at all to any sort of phylo pastry. All in all, on the heavy side for a strudel.

        2. Boucherie Atlantique on Cote-des-Neiges corner Queen Mary has apple strudel.

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          1. re: pinalafina

            This is a great suggestion. Atlantique is amazing and I also highly recommend their house smoked salmon.

            1. Green Cafe on Viger and St Alexandre sometimes have strudel. I am not Austrian so I don't know if it's authentic but it's not as sweet as regular American strudel. It's a little pricey though (around $5).