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Oct 23, 2010 10:51 AM

Expired baking chocolate?

Is it best to toss expired baking chocolate? Have people had ok results using it? How expired is oK?

Please send any info/experience. I usually don't use anything beyond the date. My husband is the primary "baker" in the house and thinks differently. We have cut down on baked good so it's so infrequent that I think we should just use fresh products.


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  1. it doesn't go bad, the flavor and aromas just fade. i am a frugal cook and baker and don't like ingredients going to waste. that being said, if i feel a product is getting past its shelf-life i make an excuse to use it rather than toss it. often times that means baking for friends and i never get complaints on that!

    1. Generally you're fine. If it hasn't bloomed (white dusting on the surface) it's fine for baking. If it's bloomed, then taste it. If it's not off, you're good to go.

      1. Expired as in past the "sell or best by" date on the package? Still very usable, from my experience, up to at least a year or more, as long as it's stored properly (see link below for storage info.)

        Here's a couple of links with some opinions on the subject. I subscribe to the storage methods in answer #2 in the second link:

        1. This may be extreme, but I had some 10-lb. blocks of Blommer baking chocolate (unsweetened and semisweet) for more than 10 years -- just kept breaking chunks off and using it from time to time. Stored in a cupboard over my refrigerator in a brown shopping bag. (The good, thick kind they used to use, but still...)

          Anyway, after not using any for quite awhile I tasted some recently and decided it had finally given up the ghost and reluctantly threw it out.

          So I would say as long as it tastes OK and doesn't look funky, you're good to go.

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            Thank you, everyone. We will taste and go from there.

            bushwickgirl - we have a range - some just have a date, and it's a bit crazy making but if we go by taste, that should do it. They've been stored in their packaging and ziploc in the cabinet, so hopefully, some are ok.

          2. I will not trouble your mind with anecdotes of my expired chocolate eating. Bloom or no bloom, date or no date - if it is less than 5 years old you are good to go. You could probably go longer than 5. I probably have. I am not a good choco-rotator.

            Bloom is not an indication of spoilage. It is a response to climate.

            If you are worried, pop some in his mouth. If he lives, he bakes.