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Oct 23, 2010 10:16 AM

Noise comparison-- electric kettle vs. Zojirushi dispensing pot

I work in a quiet office and would like to quietly heat water in my cube, for my french press. Which is less loud, an electric kettle such as a Cuisinart PerfecTemp, or a Zojirushi dispensing pot? I realize there are many pros and cons of each, but I'm particularly interested in the noise during heating.

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  1. The Zojirushi dispensing pot is the one you want. I've used a Bodum kettle with good results too. Both are quiet enough for an office setting unless you can hear a pin drop on carpet 50 feet away. If you put water in the Zojirushi dispensing pot a cup at a time, it won't ever "hard" boil. If it's down 50% or more and you dump cold water in it, it will rumble gently as it boils. When this happens, it is still quieter then my coffee pot.

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    1. re: Sid Post

      Thank you, SP. I have about a five cup french press. My one thought on an electric kettle (e.g., Cuisinart) was that once it gets up to 200F, I could turn it off and dispense, so that it never would get up to rolling boil. Conversely, I'm told that a Zojirushi is hard-programmed to boil for five minutes before it would come down to temperature and finally electronically dispense. It's the five cups, boiling for five minutes, that worries me. The construction of the Zojirushi looks like something that would be quiet; so, perhaps my fears would not be realized.

      1. re: vtombrown

        I use the 3L Zojirushi which stays on 24x7 so, 5 four ounce cups doesn't phase it at all. Generally, I only get a hard rolling boil if I add 2L or more of cold water. For what you want, making coffee and then adding a couple of cups of cool water and adding two or three more later shouldn't cause any noise issues unless you have really picky office mates.

        1. re: Sid Post

          SOLD !! Okay, thank you.
          PS--- other than capacity, there's not much difference among the various Zojirushi's, right?

          1. re: vtombrown

            I have the Zojirushi CD-LCC30 Micom 3.0-Liter Electric Dispensing Pot. It has provided several years of great service. I also have a 10 cup induction heating rice cooker that is super nice and gets lots of use. My appliances are at least three years old and both were made in Japan.

            I haven't seen any the Chinese models mentioned below but, I haven't looked at them either since both of mine still work good as new. I would hold out for Japanese origin and get a larger dispensing pot in the 3L range so you always plenty of hot water and don't get the hard boil by adding small amount of water 2 or 3 times to refill after making coffee.

    2. FWIW, the electric kettles boil quite fast though.....
      As in instantaneous fast - compared to the 2 Zojur. I have.

      One thing to note, not sure if it matters, but I would just look at the Zojuri. models and confirm country of origin. I think due to smaller capacity, the 5 liter may be made in PRC.

      I have their 3 cup rice cooker....and all their 3 cup rice cookers are made in PRC.
      There is a clear difference in fit/finish if not non-stick pan quality between the PRC model and their made in Japan unit.s...

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      1. re: chefwong

        At the price point I was looking, I'm pretty sure the Zojirushis were all made in China. I'm trying to talk myself into believing they would be the same as the Japanese models but for $80 less....
        Thanks for the final thoughts, you guys. Probably will have a glass of wine this eve and make my final selection on Amazon.

        1. re: vtombrown

          Be sure to let us know what you bought and how it works out for you.

          1. re: Sid Post

            Hello Sid and ChefWong. Thanks again for your advice. I ended up buying the Zojirushi CD-WBC40 Micom 4-Liter model. Although it is a Chinese-made model, the quality is good for the price. And, it is super quiet. Nobody knows it's even heating up. Actually, its loudest feature is the dispensing pump. Very happy.