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Oct 12, 2005 07:09 PM

Good Sub Shops around West LA/Santa Monica?

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Can anyone recommend a good place to get sub sandwiches? I'm really sick of chains like Subway and Quizno's.. A good mom and pop place would be great.

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  1. Bay Cities Italian Deli in Santa Monica?

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    1. re: Xericx

      Bay Cities is the place! The Godmother is in a category all its own--truly one of the greatest sandwiches ever.

      1. re: Lisa

        I go for the Poorboy, somthing about the swiss cheese with everything else on it...mmmm.

        I used to think that faxing in the orders was the way to go but they have been really inconsistent with the faxed orders.


        1. re: Andrew

          Had a really good sub at Dagwoods on Wilshire in SM the other day. Not Quite what I got growing up near Philly but defenitly comes close...

        2. re: Lisa

          Better than Giamela's?

        3. re: Xericx

          Bay Cities is really great... the best place for subs in LA. on Lincoln in Santa Monica.

          1. re: kra81

            Bay Cities is good but the Godmother has deterioated over the years, not near as much meat as there used to be, but the meatball is very good.

            1. re: malibumike

              Perhaps... but the Godmother is still a GLORIOUS sandwich. Had one again recently, SPICY... and it was Quite spicy...

              But here's my secret (and many folks agree with me on this after they taste it...) you have to let the godmother, AGE a little bit... You gotta get her to go and keep her packed up so that the flavors of the meat, cheese and condiments BLEND and seep into the bread... The ciabatta roll is a little dense, not to hold the sandwich together, but to SOAK up all that wonderful flavor...

              I also tried the meatball for the first time, and it was EXCELLENT also... but this you should eat warm and ask for extra cheese! :)


              1. re: Dommy!

                i TOTALLY agree with letting the sandwich age a bit. it's a little hard for me to not rip the paper open and start going to town on it right away, but you have to let the oil/vinegar/mayo/mustard filter through the meat and veggies into the bread for the ultimate godmother experience

          2. re: Xericx

            If I wasnt a christian, bay cities would be my spiritual sanctuary! Try proscuitto and provolone with the works, no peppers. It's amazing! I say no peppers because it dominates the flavor of the proscuitto, and boy do i love my proscuitto!

          3. Thanks for the tip on Bay Cities... I think I am going to head over there today. Sounds awesome! ©