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Oct 23, 2010 06:24 AM

BA for SOLO Diners

I am quite familiar with BA restaurants, but am looking for suggestions for a FEMALE SOLO diner. Any places better than others? She's not looking for the top tables in town necessarily, just good value meals. Recoleta (staying in hotel there) and Palermo are priorities. Wouldn't mind one suggestion in Puerto Madero. Also eager input on the best hidden gem restaurants in BA! Thanks!

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  1. Dining out solo is as you likely know, very common here and no one is made to feel odd at places. That said, some nice, relaxing spots for solo dining in particular - La Olla de Felix, El Sanjuanino, Ocho7ocho in Recoleta and Palermo are good. In Puerto Madero really any of the spots but the fancy steakhouses are great for solo dining - I'd say Roque would be a great choice. Also Filo or Dada in the Retiro area. She might also want to consider one of the "puertas cerradas", the closed door restaurants, several of which have communal tables, which is another interesting possibility for a solo diner.

    1. When I eat out solo I tend to like more "girly places" places like the Tea Connection, Oui Oui, Helena (lunch only), El Ultimo Beso or places that are smaller like, the hidden gem, A Nos Amours. It's a small but very good restaurant a tiny bit off the beaten path in Palermo. In Recoleta, Sirop or sister Sirop Folie or even Las Violetas but that's in Almagro.