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Oct 23, 2010 06:08 AM

Best Tapas in Town?

Will be in town for a few days and am looking for the best tapas restaurant in town. Suggestions please?

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  1. Amada - chef's tasting (though you can't go wrong a la carte either)

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    1. re: ramenbound

      +1; Tinto is a close second for Basque-style tapas (same chef).

      1. re: barryg

        Agreed on both counts, though I wouldn't get the chef's tasting at either place, since it's just a selection of regular menu items. You're better off just ordering what looks good to you. Bar Ferdinand is pretty good too if you're in town for three days and want to try all three.

        1. re: Buckethead

          Thanks for the info so far. Is the area safe to walk at night? We'll be at the Hampton Inn on Race St.

          1. re: BStone1

            Amada and Tinto, yes, though for both I'd recommend cutting down to Market or Chestnut first as the the area north of Market is pretty dead in the evening. You could wait until 9th St or so to cut down going to Amada if you want to walk through Chinatown. Amada isn't all that close, though; you might want to take a cab or the Market-Frankford Line one of the ways.

            Bar Ferdinand is even farther and not a scenic or fun walk, and can be unsafe depending the route you take. I'd take a cab or the Market-Frankford Line (which itself can get a bit unsavory at that station, but still safe, later in the evening).

            Cabs are easy to hail near all of those restaurants; I'm not sure about your hotel but you could at least walk to Broad St to catch one pretty easily I think.

            1. re: barryg

              just to add on it is about a mile from your hotel to either of the three restaurant s mentioned (maybe a mile and a quarter to Bar Ferdinand,) so if you do cab it, it will be fairly inexpensive. To walk a good walk to Bar Ferdinand just walk down Race through chinatown and then head north at 3rd street and it is a safe walk

    2. Bar Ferdinand is my top choice for traditional Basque Tapas.