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Oct 23, 2010 05:51 AM

Food Trucks in Halifax?

Greetings all,

As the mum of an active 5 year old, I don't get too many opportunities for a leisurely sit-down meal, but we still love to grab a good bite to eat when we're in the city. I'm looking for recommendations for the best food trucks in Halifax. I know there are lots of chip wagons around Dal/the central library; which do you think is the best? How about other locations in Halifax? Any good ethnic food or dessert trucks or street food you would recommend?


Green Betty

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  1. I think the lack of replies speaks volumes - food trucks don't seem to be something that have caught on here yet. We'll probably have tonnes in five years when the rest of the world is on to something else, but right now there is little beyond fry trucks that I know about. All of the ones that I know of that serve something other than fish and fries seem impossible to actually track down. For example:

    There had been a truck called Buddha Boys that was suposed to park on Argyle street by parade square, but I have never located them despite looking several times at lunch over the summer. I'd love to know if anyone knows what happened to them -- they were rumoured to have more Asian style fare.

    Blazing Barlow does excellent BBQ - for awhile you could find him parked on Main Street in Dartmouth (past the NSCC in the parking lot by Dave's Fruit and Vegetables, but I'm not sure he's still there, he seemed to be focusing more on events and catering lately. He does have a website with contact information if you wanted to try:

    There is a cup cake truck in town, I'm not sure how you find out the schedule, but I've seen it parked on the waterfront in both Halifax and Dartmouth. It's actually more of a motor home than a truck, but it seems to do the trick. I guess you could contact the store for more info:

    If you do want fish and chips, I have heard good things from a friend who lives out Bedford way about The Battered Fish on the Bedford Highway. Haven't been myself. Here's their website (although I'm not sure it's still working....)

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      I second the recommendation for "The Battered Fish". It's across from Clearwater, on the Bedford Hwy.

    2. People are already talking about the death of the food truck trend.

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        yeah... "people" in New York.

        The trend has yet to rise (to be followed by the inevitable backlash) here. At least we can preview the trajectory.

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          Since the retirement of Bud the Spud there seems to be no great fries in this city, truck or restaurant. I was just in St. John's and had the fries at Ches', not as good as Bud's but very good.

          There was once a truck on Argyle Street here in Halifax called 'Ziggy Peelgood's', the early 1990's. They were the best fries I've ever had or was it the beer beforehand? From 1995 onward I have seen his truck on Water Street in St. John's but only found him open in the last couple of years. I haven't tried the fries as the reviews are not great but pass with fond memories of the old Ziggy fries. Anyone remember them?

          Oh to have some ethnic trucks in the city!

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            Ah Halifax, everything moves at the pace of a glacier.

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              There is a food truck on the Bedford Hwy that sells the best soups and chowders. It is beside Clems Farmers Market close to Bedford Hwy and Lacewood Dr.