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Oct 23, 2010 12:21 AM

[London] Les Deux Salons

Hey Chowderhounders --

I thought I'd give a resoundingly positive review for Les Deux Salon this fine morning! Owned by the same homeboys as Arbutus and Wild Honey, this new place is a very french bistro -- they were playing jazz!

The food was really terrific. I started w/a lamb sweetbreads puffed pastry which was one of the finest things I've eaten in London in many months -- just wonderful. Everyone at the table sans the vegetarian had a bavette steak and barring it being ridiculously served in a full sized pan it was fantastic. The frites were awesome, as was the mash -- a completely flawless meal was had by all.


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  1. There has been lots of talk on another food website with great reviews for this new restaurant. The setting sounds like they went all out, plus the food is excellent. I don't think we'll need the Eurostar as often. :-)

    1. A celebratory evening last night: a cocktail at Rules (my new favourite bar in London) followed by a brilliant dinner at Les Deux Salons.

      Sweetbreads for me, which I agree with bt above were just perfect, and snail and bacon pie for him which pleased him greatly but a bite of which was disappointing for me after the sweetbreads. Then a perfectly cooked bavette for me with frites and roast onions, and the rabbit with pumpkin gnocchi for him. Really rich gamey rabbit, I wondered if it might have had liver in there somewhere but he wouldn't let me try another bite to find out! Then Paris Brest, and floating islands. So good.

      I also like that all their wines come either in bottles or in 250ml carafes; we couldn't setlle on a bottle that would go with both his rabbit and my steak so we had a carafe each which was just right (especially for me, after the huge old-fashioned at rules!).

      It even looks like Paris. Go! Soon!

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      1. re: gembellina

        I'm beginning to be amazed by the differing opinions I've read about Deux Salons. An unnamed but popular and famous blog which shares the number two had quite a differing state of mind after a meal there.

        I'll go. I love Paris.

        1. re: zuriga1

          wow, just read that review - my experience couldn't have been more different. But then, none of our food choices overlapped, maybe BT and I chose the only good things on the menu! With regards to the decor, if one were feeling uncharitable it could be described as a Disney-fied version of a Paris brasserie - everything you'd expect to find, and nothing you wouldn't - but I thought it was nice. And as for the tables being too spread out, they'd clearly recitifed that situation by last night, as I could hear every word of the girls' bitching session on one side and the boys' date on the other!

          1. re: gembellina

            In all fairness, this is a new restaurant and things don't always go smoothly in the kitchen at first. Maybe reviewers should actually try a new place after it's been on the go for awhile. The decor sounds like a place I used to like in NYC. It was a huge room with very high ceilings. Interestingly, I remember the room a lot more than I do the food. :-)

            1. re: zuriga1

              Yeah I very nearly booked a table at Deux Salons last week, but thought it might be better to go after 5-6 months. Let the place settle into a rhythm.

              1. re: chief1284

                I think a lot of me-too'ers like to get to a place as soon as the doors open. I'm in no rush. :-)

                1. re: zuriga1

                  Went again last night -- definitely as good as my first visit. Didn't have starters (unfortunately) , but had the bavette again and it was marvy! GF had the pasta main which was excellent as well.

                  1. re: brokentelephone

                    Today I saw some photos of a meal enjoyed at Deux Saisons. It really looked fantastic. I just got theatre tickets for 18 December, and am going to try and make this our dinner celebration afterwards. The prices look very fair, which is always nice to see.

            2. re: gembellina

              I too had a great meal at Les Deux Salons on Friday with friends for a birthday celebration. The salad I had to start (roast quince and gorganzola) was good, but I wish I'd had the steak tartare. I snaffled a bit of my friend's and it was excellent. Mr GG had a brandade and squid concoction (I think) which he loved. I also had the bavette and it was spectacular - perfectly cooked with great chips.

              The only criticism was that service was slow at the beginning (improved once we'd got our starters) and also there was a lot of noise from the adjacent tables. I'm not sure if the acoustics of the restaurant are partly to blame but one in particular was very raucous and we had to ask the waiter to ask them to tone it down a bit, which led to some unpleasantness.

              1. re: greedygirl

                We'll be there tomorrow night. I'm going to remember that bavette and chips.

                1. re: zuriga1

                  Missed you be a day! Was there last night and it was good as usual. I was pretty drunk though, so perhaps not the best person to ask about the food.

                  If you enjoy the stuff, definitely get the sweet breads.... soooooo good!

                  1. re: brokentelephone

                    Last time we were set to go the big snow came. It's flaking a bit now, but I think it won't amount to much so I'm optimistic. I'm determined, plus we have theatre tickets. I'll report back. Mr. Z. likes sweetbreads a bit more than I do, but he usually gets a fish something. Why pay money for food if you can't remember it. LOL!

        2. We had a very good meal here last night. The place looks exactly like one we ate in two years ago in Philadelphia. I wonder if they both used the same decorator. :-) The food, however, was distinctly better in the London version.

          I had the cassoulet, which wasn't the best I've ever eaten, but it's well done and the duck was perfect. Mr. Z. had the Barnsley chop.. perfectly done... with the best mash I've had in years.
          The standout for me was the Paris Brest dessert - fantastic and addicting. I am still thinking about it this morning.

          The service was excellent - very pleasant staff and I appreciated that no one hovered, but they were there when needed. We were very early, pre-theatre, so could have had the very well-priced special, 3 courses for £15.95. That's a good deal but nothing on the menu appealed to me.

          I will certainly be returning to try some of the other dishes.

          1. Had dinner with a group of 8 here about 2 weeks back and we were given the private dining room. It's quite cosy for anything between 6-10 guests and there's an iPod jack that allows you to play your own music. You are quite isolated from the rest of the restaurant so you lose the whole French bistro atmosphere but it's great if you want some privacy and service was always on hand.

            The stand out starter was the beef tartare. The famous snail and bacon pie was unique and tasty not to mention generous with the snails. I think a few mates ordered the ravioli which was good as well.

            For the mains i had the ox cheeks. Really liked the combination of the cheeks with the parsnip puree. The pork belly received numerous approvals across the table as the best main. I also sampled some of the Barnsley chop that was perfectly cooked. The fish dishes did not impress as much and desserts were quite average as well.

            On a side note, the restaurant was very accommodating in helping prepare the candles for a birthday cake that I brought along. (they also informed me before hand that there was a a requirement for everyone to order a dessert if we brought a cake, which was acceptable)

            Great night coupled with good service. Bill came up to about £52 per person including wine and some cocktails.

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            1. re: jonY

              Did anyone have the Paris Brest for dessert? I thought it was scrumptious. I saw someone at a nearby table having the floating island... didn't look very appealing. I agree that the dessert menu is not very extraordinary.

              1. re: zuriga1

                I had the floating island, it was delicious. The softness of the meringue and the crunch of the pralines were perfect.

                1. re: zuriga1

                  I think the dessert menu is spot on in terms of the theme and feel they're going for, though - all solid brasserie/bistro classics, reading it made me feel like I was back in France! Anything fancier or more innovative wouldn't fit.

                  1. re: chochotte

                    Maybe I've just eaten too much chocolate mousse in my life. I agree it's a good dessert menu and certainly enough choices to make anyone happy. Someone nearby was finishing their afternoon tea, and I'd like to try that one day. I couldn't really see what they had eaten, but the price is right.

              2. Just come back from a lovely lunch at Les Deux Salons, the food was fanstastic, the service not so good. Right from the start when we first arrived we were left standing around reception after them taking my name, when we were finally taken to the table we had to wait a while for the menus. We then ordered wine but the red was corked , which the sommelier agreed with (and I know this isn't there fault), but it took about 15 minutes for them to suggest a replacement/bring the wine list. We then had to wait 30 minutes for our starters. We didn't mind too much but perhaps an apology for the wait from the staff wouldn't have gone amiss.

                However when the food arrived, we quickly forgave these issues - I had the sweetbreads followed by the bavette, both excellent. Others had the beef for two, rabbit, pork belly (the lamb special had unfortunately sold out), followed by desserts of floating island, creme brulee, lemon tart, all excellent (according to my companions!). And very good value.

                Would go back but would hope the service sorts itself out.

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                1. re: pj26

                  I think the service is fairly good and depends on how busy the place is. We had an early dinner and had no waits for anything, but.. it was much earlier than we usually would eat. The one goof was my husband's coffee, which never arrived. We cancelled it as we had to walk a bit to the theatre. Then it appeared. They could probably do with some additional staff. It's early days, and the food is worth a trip.

                  1. re: zuriga1

                    Granted it was a busy lunchtime, and our table of six was stuck out in 'Siberia' so will forgive them this once - the food is too good not to go back!