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Oct 22, 2010 06:47 PM

Halifax - Gourmet delivery?

My brother attends Dalhousue/lives in residence. I would like to have a gourmet basket delivered to him - I was hoping for cheese....?

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  1. There is this place:
    though I have never tried them. Pete's also does food baskets.

    1. Several of my family members (but not me directly) have had good luck with Pete's

      1. I'm looking for recommendations for gourmet delivery, as well, but rather than delivery of a basket, I'd like a delivery service of ready-made meals. I'd like to be able to order some healthy lunches and dinners that require only reheating or other minimal effort for a very busy boyfriend with a particularly busy couple of weeks coming up. Has anyone heard of a good company that does this in Halifax? Thanks in advance for any help you can provide!

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          I would try Pete's Frootique-t hey have a ready-made section that is great...and I have never had them say no to a request.

          1. re: troutpoint

            Thanks for the suggestion. Pete's is a grocery store, I gather? I don't see anything on their website about the kind of ready-made meals they carry, so I'll call them and see what they can deliver for me.

            1. re: aliz

              It is a grocery store, but with only two locations. I buy most of my groceries at the Bedford location, where I often see Pete. The have great service, and the staff really makes an effort to remember my name and my kids' names. I would be surprised if they couldn't accomodate your request. Good luck :)

        2. The original comment has been removed