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Oct 22, 2010 06:00 PM

help me buy a food processor

hi everyone,
I am an average cook who is slowly learning in the kitchen and getting better. But nothing stellar so far! However, I think I would like to invest in a food processor. While I make a good wage, I am somewhat cheap at the moment as I am paying off debts. I would like your opinion on a fairly decent food processor. I certainly don't need a top of the line model, even if I can afford it. I don't want to spend more than 150$ if possible. What advice can you give me? (if I need to spend more to get a good one, I will relent and pay out the bucks).

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    1. When my food processor wears out I was planning to check out the Kitchen Aid 12 cup because that's the brand Cooks Illustrated recommends. Canadian Tire has a 7 cup Kitchen Aid for $149.99.

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        I have always used the KitchenAid brand - love it. I find the locking lid on the Cuisinart frustrating.

        PS - you should probably check out the Cookware board - more topical than posting here.

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          Oh sharonanne I bought my 7 cup food processor Kitchen Aid food processor for $84.00 at Sears! It was on-sale but that being said, Zellers also promoted as $84.00 as well the week before I got it. I was devesitated that I didn't get it at Zellers when they had their sale, so I googled "Calgary Kitchen Aid 7 cup food processor sale" and Sears popped up with the same food processor at $84.00 too!

          So don't get discouraged denidill! You can find a good food processor for under $150. I would recommend you check out Sears, The Bay (though you may have to go in-store to see), London Drugs and Zellers for your appliance needs. I found that those stores usually have the sales on the kitchen appliances.

        2. Canadian Tire by Pacific Mall on 36 St (the Marlborough area) has a the 7 cup Kitchen Aid Food Processor on SALE! for $89.99!!! I don't know how long the sale is, but chances are if you go tomorrow it will still be there!!!!!!!

          1. After working for a kitchen store, I definitely like the Kitchen Aid food processor compared to the Cuisinart, I just think its a lot easier to put the pieces together, lock it in place, has the same good standard features, blades etc. I also find that the plastic bowl of the Kitchen Aid gets scratched less easily than the Cuisinart, keeps a nice new look over time.

            1. Cuisinart has served me well for over thirty plus years from cooking for little ones, to preparing for large dinner parties.
              I am certain there are other excellent brands available but my Cuisinart has never broken down or caused anything other than great results from pie pastry to dips. I traded up for the larger model but it sounds as though the basic model will do perfectly for you. Cuisinart products are often on sale @ the Bay and I was told Costco is stocking them as well. Check it out and have fun!
              Easy to use, clean and experiment with.