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Oct 12, 2005 05:34 PM


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Are there any good restaurants in the Hilton Anaheim area? Looking for something non-touristy in a touristy area.


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  1. Check out this map Chowhound Curt made for specifically this purpose!


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    1. re: elmomonster
      rabo encendido

      Definitely a handy tool.

      To Spud: Note that there are two restaurants on the map entitled "Thai Nakorn". Highly recommended. However, the Buena Park branch (which would be closer to where you are staying) is no longer there. Still urge you to schlep to Garden Grove to the other one.

      Thai Nakorn Restaurant
      12532 Garden Grove Blvd
      Garden Grove, CA 92843-1907
      (714) 537-50

      1. re: rabo encendido

        On the URL, i you replace the ".jpg" with ".html", and reload, the new map will have many of the locations linked.
        The Thai Nakorn link mentions the Buena Park store's closure.


        1. re: Curt

          Ah! I see there are some Mexican recommendations!
          Thanks !!!

          1. re: Spud

            For what its worth, I don't recommend Alertos, although its gets many rave reviews by the Hounds. I find it to be only a step above the usual Taco Bells/Del Tacos. Also, its a fast-food type place thats not as nice to eat at compared to many other mexican restaurants in the area.

            1. re: Rich

              Alberto's is okay and certainly better than Moreno's, but neither are high on the Mexican food scale.

              1. re: oc climber

                So, what's the definitive Mexican?

                1. re: Curt

                  Have you tried that little place on Beach Blvd in Huntington? I forget the name, I've not been there in some time. It was a take out counter in a liquer store and then they bought the building next door and opened a whole restaurant. Mayan something or other...

                  Or... La Palapa in Cathedral City, on Date Palm and Dinah Shore? Amazing Mexican food.

                  1. re: oc climber

                    Hi oc climber. Please remember to keep the discussion on the Los Angeles message board centered on those restaurants which fall within its geographical scope. Cathedral City is covered on our California board.

                    Thanks for your cooperation.

              2. re: Rich

                #7 combo with Carne Asado and their Carne Asada nachos are one giant notch better than Taco Bell imo. Granted, it's not a life changing experience, but for the price, it's hard to beat.

            2. re: Curt

              Like most places, Alerto's isn't all things to all people.
              But "Taco Bell"?

              I prefer Alerto's carnitas nachos to Taco Bells.
              And then there is the carrots!

              For me, Alertos is nachos:


          2. re: elmomonster

            Thanks for the map guys- this will do just fine!
            By the way- any good mexican in the general area?

            1. re: spud
              Richard in L.B.

              Right down Harbor Blvd. at Chapman is Casa Garcia.
              I think the Mexican food there is very good. Good service, good food, not expensive and convenient to your hotel!