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Oct 22, 2010 04:26 PM

The Butcher Shop in South End Boston...recs on dishes and thoughts?

hiya--we just moved to Boston from D.C. and are planning to check out The Butcher Shop for dinner with friends next weekend

Has anyone been here and any suggestions on dishes that they're especially known for?

I checked out the dinner menu but I'm not usually a fan of a huge meaty entree plate, so at many of these restaurants, I usually tend to order a few small plates/appetizers instead--plus I get to try a few things instead of just 1 :


The dinner menu on their home page shows Signature dishes and Entree dishes--I'm guessing the "signature" ones are considered their "small plates/appetizers"? Please correct me if I'm wrong hehe

would love to hear from other people's experiences dining here!


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  1. I've had nothing but solid menu choices here. Many of the signature dishes could serve as a meal alone, such as the "hot dog" which is delicious! I typically share an antipasta [which is really great and the only thing that I would say you should definitely order] with my DCs and get something for myself, which is typically the hot dog, the ricatta gnudi, or the duck. I also typically eat a ton of the bread that comes with honey. That might be the best part of the meal. They also have a great wine program and the wines by the glass are consistantly good. Although what's the deal with the Barbara Lynch labeled wines?! It seems so weird to me and like something you would see at The Olive Garden or something. Has anyone ever given those a taste?

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      thanks redelephant for your reply and recs!!

      am excited to go and will post back after our visit this next weekend!

      we dont drink wine though i'm sure others on here can chime in more about that :)

    2. Signatures are smaller, entrees are mains. They're definitely known for their meat, but you could certainly make a meal out of the smaller plates. Their house made charcuterie is certainly inspiring, to say the least.

      1. I was going to try this place during the day but found the blaring rock music, too-casual service, and high tables much out of sync with the cost.

        1. I have always preferred the small plates to the entrees here, and remain disappointed that they shifted the focus away from them toward a more conventional restaurant menu. Note that entree prices are deceiving, as a side dish or two is usually required and adds significantly to cost. Wines by the glass are excellent, the staff knowledgeable, but the markup can be shocking: consider ordering by the bottle. Lunch is a better deal all around, and far more relaxing than the typical jammed-to-the-gills evening atmosphere.

          1. I would say that you absolutely need to get the Tar Tar. I always get this with an extra side of brioche. It is really good and remember to add the pickled onions to the tops of the meat!! It makes my mouth water just thinking about it!