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Oct 22, 2010 04:17 PM

Pan de Muerto 2010

Available today at Mi Pueblo, San Rafael, pinkish sugar, 7" loaf, sweet but missing anise flavor in some of last years tastings, 2 for $5.

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  1. Mi Tierra (University and San Pablo) sm. rounds, maybe 8" - plain, sugar dusted, sesame, probably more flavors - $1.79
    Everyone was very helpful. They encouraged me to come the next day for the freshly baked ones, but these held up two days later. Delicious sweet bread...

    Mi Tierra
    2096 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA

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    1. re: bunnysitter

      The sesame(cinnamon?) is great. I got one warm and the folks at work couldn't resist it. I'm not sure that loaf made it to tea time for the official taste off, sugar coated to sugar coated Mi Tierra vs Casa Latina(2.50).

      Mi Tierra
      2096 San Pablo Ave, Berkeley, CA

    2. Royal Bakery on Mission St. at Russia in the Excelsior has some of the better pan dulce in SF. They had pan de muerto last weekend but they added orange blossom flavoring this year which I am not too crazy about. I believe that they supplied the SF Symphony's Dia de los Muertos event with pan de muerto last year but I am not sure if they will provide it again this year.