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Finding comfort food in San Diego...

Cheese Grits..I am so craving a HUGE bowl and I can't think of one place that serves them in SD.
Tamales..Holiday tamales with raisins and cheese and jalapenos..
Noche Buena beer...love this during the Christmas season!
Stuffed Clams..my Dad made the best and the clam bakes during the summer were a blast..

What's your comfort food that you are searching for and where to find it?

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  1. BC, i'm about 95% sure Truluck's serves cheese grits...

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      Thank's ghg, cstr, dustychicka and Fakey..
      No flames but what is 'natch' ?

    2. Meatloaf at the Ritual.

      1. Urban Solace, natch.

        Urban Solace Restaurant
        3823 30th Street, San Diego, CA 92104

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        1. Interesting assortment of comfort food Chicky. Hopefully not consumed at the same time! :>)

          1. Great stuffed clams at BACI on Morena. You can have it as a starter or a meal.

            Traders Joes creates a christmas beer

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              Excellent normal!
              Love Baci's and might have to make it for the holidays.

              Thank's Krispy on the Noche Buena news..

            2. Unfortunately Noche Bueno hasn't been available in the US for a few years.

              Back in 2007 someone posted this about it being discontinued in the US:

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                I could have sworn it was available last year at BevMo

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                  I can verify that it was available last year, but it can be hard to find. BevMo usually has it, but they do sell out occasionally.

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                    Oh thank god...I'm not crazy and I didn't hallucinate

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                      old bump, but I can confirm that Noche Bueno is available in San Diego. Costo currently has a box o beers that includes it with Dos Equis. I will update if I see it at BevMo or other stores.

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                        Love me my Noche Bueno for Christmas...what Costco Krispy?

                        Feliz Navidad

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                          Mission Valley. I will report back this weekend if I see it elsewhere.

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                            BevMo and Costco for the Noche Bueno.
                            My neighbor is bringing the 2008 Anchor Christmas Ale beer magnums to my holiday party...wooo hoooo!

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                          Saw large quantities of it at Bev-Mo yesterday.

                  1. My go to place for comfort food is Luc's Bistro (because it's good food at a good value and not too far). The prices have gone up and the portions have gotten a bit smaller, but the service and bar offerings have improved. Things don't seem the same since Chef Philippe Verpiand left, but overall the food is still very satisfying. Love their chicken and dumplings, mac and cheese, Meatloaf with gravy and potatoes, Braised chicken thighs in red wine with mashed potatoes. But I always order their shrimp and grits. Unfortunately just an app now instead of an entree.