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Oct 22, 2010 04:11 PM

MIchael Symon's Copper Cookware " Cook like an Iron Chef"

Not that I need new tools but I am interested in the brand of copper cookware used on Cook like an Iron Chef.

Professional/informed/seen it before/knowledgeable opinions would be preferred. I have seen all the Mauviel/Sitram combinations during my stage(s) in France. It's the small rivets and patina that intrigue me most.


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  1. Haven't seen the show, but the choices of copperware in current production are pretty limited. I believe both Borgeat and Falk use small rivets, and the latter uses a brushed finish that kinda looks like patina. Probably not Ruffoni or Paderno World Cuisine. Slight possibility it's Hammersmith out of Brooklyn--theirs has a brushed look. See, Good stuff--and American-made, too.

        1. re: honeybea

          I think it's Falk too.

          But as a new fan I want to say Hammersmith is beautiful. They do have the smaller rivets, but everything I've gotten from them (2 sauce pans and a saute) has been mirror finished - which stays mirror finished for only a very short time. On the upside is the fact that the smooth finish is much easier to clean than the brushed Falk finish - I have a Falk casserole (one of my first heavy copper pieces and the one that ruined me for any other metal) but I cannot get the grunge off of it anymore (in a very nice reply to an email on the subject the American distributor said a metal polishing shop could return the brushed finish to like-new for not many $$$). Hammersmith says you can use ketchup and salt, which works fine, but I still like Barkeeper's best. After about a year of steady use the HS still looks shiny.

          BTW, the tin lining in the HS heats much faster than the stainless in my Falk. Much.

        2. I agree with the others that it's Falk.