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Oct 22, 2010 04:09 PM

Fun restaurant for 2 year old?

Hi there,

We are skipping a big birthday party this year, and just inviting close family to a restaurant for my son's 2nd birthday. Any suggestions for FUN places for a two year old (and young cousins), with also good food? We're not into Chuck E Cheese, chains, etc. I know better than to expect an amazing meal--afterall the focus will be on my son-but it would be nice if the food was tasty. Thanks!!!

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  1. County Line on the Hill has a talking Longhorn head on the wall... you can have him wish your child a happy birthday and tell a few silly jokes. You can order family style there and the food and sides are good enough for the adults to enjoy.

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      Thank you! Unfortunately 1/2 of the group are vegetarian :

    2. Central Market on N. Lamar has a playscape (with different areas, that can accomodate many ages, even 2yos), nice outdoor seating, and fairly good food. I like the pizza there, but I'm not as picky about pizza as most 'hounds. Salads there are tasty, and there's lots of choices for children (my kids always load up on fruit). I've been there once with a large group--so you might be able to reserve a table but I don't know.

      1. You could try Phils Ice House on Burnet. It is just burgers and fries, but its a great place to bring kids - they have a playground and when you are done with the burgers you can have Amy's ice cream.. it was always my sons favorite place to go

        Phils Ice House
        5620 Burnet Rd, Austin, TX 78756

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          I second Phil's. You may want to double-check on their vegetarian options (I imagine they have a veggie burger), but the kids I volunteer with LOVE the place.