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Brentwood Fish and Chps Place (Captains) Gone? YYC

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The message seems superfluous after that wordy subject line!

Went past this morning and there is paper over the windows, anyone know if they moved?

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  1. You know I've lived in Varsity/Brentwood for 20 years and never ate there. I kind of feel bad for not supporting a mom/pop shop but at the same time I never heard anyone talk about it or them advertise at all. It's such a tiny spot, would be cute to keep a restaurant in there.

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      There was a thread some time ago about where to get good fish and chips and it was mentioned.

      Everything is gone from that wing of the shopping mall except a hairdresser. Have to wonder if there are renovation plans.

    2. It closed a month or two ago.
      One of the TV stations did a piece about them closing - I think the cameraman got the last dinner made. As I recall, a customer offerred and purchased one of the tables (for a picnic bench?) so I don't think they were going to re-open somewhere else.

      1. Damn. Well, I guess with the redevelopment of the Brentwood area as a TOD we'll see things close but in the very long term we'll see much much more OPEN- hopefully before I'm retired in 14 years.

        On the topic of fish n chips- I tried it at Swiss Chalet a couple weeks ago- it was actually delicious!