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Oct 22, 2010 02:50 PM

McDonalds' Breakfast Bagel Sandwiches - Where can they be found??

Does anyone know which markets are still selling the Steak, Egg and Cheese bagels at breakfast? Or why they aren't offered everywhere? I moved from Ohio to California in 2008 and was exceedingly disappointed to find out that none of stores in my area (then Bakersfield, now SLO area) sell these sandwiches that are as addictive as crack. The one and only time I've seen them out here was in the San Jose area, in February of 2009. They're still on McDonalds' site on the menu, so they haven't been discontinued altogether. I've been seriously craving one of these salty, greasy little bundles of goodness for ages now.

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  1. I used to be hooked on the stegg/ egg bagel, and the mexican omlet bagel. I haven't checked lately because about 3 or 4 years ago, they started going with a cheap, wonderbread model of a bagel, and it just didn't even come close to edible anymore. I feel your pain. I know my market discontinued the Mexican Omlet bagel, not sure about the other varieties. I do really feel your pain here. They were GOOOOOD.

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      I really should know better than to want one. They're just dripping with grease, and I can't even bring myself to look at the nutrition to see what the sodium level is on one of those things. But the steak was just so dang tasty, esp with the seasoning they put on it, and combined with the (fake, processed) cheese, the (anemic) onions and that sauce... it was pure heaven.

      *goes to turn in my chowhound card*

    2. Have you tried asking via the McD site's "contact us" section? I actually found that, on the couple of occasions that I used that feature, they gave me a pretty fast and personalized reply.

      It might also be an "East of the Mississippi" thing?

      And I love the steak, egg & cheese...but often have to force myself to just an egg mcmuffin whenever I am tempted for a McD's breakfast. My body thanks me, but my taste buds weep. LOL

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      1. re: yfunk3

        I just sent the question to them yesterday, after posting this question. Hopefully I'll get a reply. Not sure if it's an East coast/West coast thing. I DID find it once here in Cali, but that restaurant is roughly three hours drive from here, so I can't hop in my car and go check it out. I'll be up in that area again in February, so I'll try then. I'd really just like to know why some have it and some don't. Corporate vs Franchise? I'm hoping they can tell me where I can find it around here. Otherwise I may have to resort to calling various places around me to see if they have it on the menu.

      2. So I got a basically generic reply from McD's customer service stating they're sorry that I was disappointed to be unable to find a favorite menu item locally, but there was no info as to where it can be found. Shot a reply back but not holding my breath on getting any real info.

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        1. re: DarkRose

          Hmm...have you tried just talking to the manager(s) of your local McD's? Sometimes they're not all jerks (though most of the ones I've encountered were! LOL!).

          Maybe they just don't sell well in that particular branch?

          1. re: yfunk3

            Haven't tried that since I really never go inside the restaurants, always just through the drive-through. It's not just a single store here that doesn't sell them, though. I've been to at least four or five of them in Bakersfield, and two or three out here in the San Luis Obispo area, and none of them have it on the menu.

        2. They still have them in the suburbs of Philadelphia, but that doesn't really help you out.

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          1. re: Velvet Elvis

            Not so much, but I appreciate the input. Goes a step further to confirming my fears that it may now be a strictly East coast/ East of the Mississippi item. Enjoy one for me ;)

            1. re: DarkRose

              They still have them in the SF Bay Area. I had one this past weekend.

              1. re: zinga34

                Naturally, since that's a four hour drive for me. But then, it gives me an excuse to go to San Francisco ;) Yet another reason for me to want to leave the central coast and head north! Thanks for the info!

          2. I had on this past Saturday, and it was a greasy, delicious delight!! I do not know what I would do if they did not have them in this neck of the woods(the U.P. of Michigan) I am hooked!! IMO is is the best thing (tastewise) on their breakfast menu!!

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            1. re: Lindseyup67

              Absolutely agreed, it's why I'm so bummed over it! But, it looks like I MAY be moving back East in the near future, so I have hope!

              And whoot, a Yooper! I'm a Looper born and raised ;) I keep telling my partner we need to take a trip to the Mitten, as she's never been. She thought driving across the Golden Gate was amazing - which it was - but nothing beats driving across the Mighty Mack! I want to take her to the island, of course, and to the Sault, and St. Ignace, and Tahquamenon Falls, ad Whitefish Point, and... and... you get the picture ;)

              1. re: Lindseyup67

                Crud. I was just up there this wknd. I should have checked the one in Ishpeming

                1. re: gordeaux

                  They are indeed alive and well at the McDonalds in Ishpeming!!! :)