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Oct 22, 2010 02:43 PM

Kid Friendly In Center City?

My husband, 3 year old son and I are looking for kid friendly restaurants in Center City - preferably gastro pubs or similar, for 2 dinners and one excellent brunch in two weeks. What is good/terrible near us? Is there excellent brunch near 30th st station? Thanks in advance.

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  1. No one has answered you so far, so I will take a shot at it. My babies are teens now but we did take them out to eat frequently and to a wide variety of restaurants. Our only no-no's were places that were too quiet, where our child's noise would be noticed above and beyond the crowd noise, places that served too slowly, as little kids are usually on a timer for sitting at a table or if one of our kids were going through an impossible stage.
    A loud boisterous restaurant with excellent food was what we were looking for with young children. Space to take a little walk away from the table was a big help. We never needed a kids menu. There was a time we needed a high chair but most places have those.
    You mentioned gastropubs. Most gastropubs will fit the bill of loud enough to mask kid noises.
    I recommend Resurrection Ale House (this place is very small), South Philly tap room, the Standard Tap especially if you eat early for all of those places before they are packed. Standard tap has a nice upstairs room that we like with our kids.
    I also recommend Bar Ferdinand for excellent food, wine, service and nice and loud and lively.
    We are not brunch people. Jose Garces just opened JG Domestic in the Cira center which is attached to the station but they only have a lunch menu online.
    If you dont need to be near 30th I would recommend you go to dim sum in Chinatown. My babies loved the carts of food coming by, they could sit down and eat almost instantaneously and this is an especially acomodating atmosphere for children and families.

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    1. Dim Sum is a great brunch recommendation. All of the places will be fine with kids and yeah, I remember how much I loved it when I was little and my mom would take me to NYC's Chinatown for dim sum. You're looking at a cab ride from 30th Street, but a reasonable one. I used to go to Imperial Inn or Kingdom of Vegetarians frequently when I was in grad school, but I hear there are better places to be found these days.

      Pub & Kitchen would probably fit the gastropub bill, if you go early and/or on a weekday. It's neighborly then; later in the evenings and on the weekends it turns into too much of a hipster/"douchebag" (as someone recently so aptly put it) crowd for me, though I've still seen folks with young'uns in there late into the evening...