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Oct 22, 2010 02:19 PM

Visiting Hong Kong in November

I will be visiting HK for the first time next month and staying at the Eaton Hotel. I'll be solo for two days, hence; any recommendations of where to eat? Prefer where the locals hang out.


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  1. That depends on how brave you are feeling! The whole of Kowloon side is within reach of a short walk, and of course the rest by MTR. However, remember that both Kowloon and HK Island are not where 'normal' people live so you need to follow people at lunchtime and very early evening. Pick somewhere busy, and smile and point a lot!

    In terms of restaurants there are vast numbers - you'll need to narrow it down some more. You are close to a bib gourmand sichuan though in the Miramar if you feel like fire.

    The night markets are good for grazing as well.

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    1. re: mr_gimlet

      Yes! All depends on how adventurous you are?!

      From your hotel, if you walk across Nathan road into the side street, it should intercept 'Temple street'. At night, after 8.00pm, there's a buzzling night market with tons of hawker food stalls scattered along the whole stretch. Most of them specialize in seafood.

      Since November is hairy crab season, I would try to locate a 'Shanghainese' restaurant and try out some. If budget is no problem, then I would give Old Hong Kong Restaurant inside the MIRA hotel a try! Great Shanghainese food! I would start from exploring the side streets on the western side of Nathan road!

      Good Luck and Have Fun!!

      Walk south along Nathan road, at the SE corner of Jordan road/ Nathan road intersection, there is a Cantonese 'wok-hay' hole-in-the-wall restaurant called 'Tso Choi Koon'. Another place for reasonably priced yummy authentic cuisine. Walk west along Jordan road to Parker street, you will find ' Mak Man Kee', one of the best 'won-ton noodle' place in Hong Kong

      Since choices are unlimited, in your case, may be the best approach would be for you to walk around, browse inside restaurants and give those that are packed with locals a try!!

      1. re: Charles Yu

        Thanks Charles, I am an ABC and my chinese (toyshan) is limited. The good news, I will meet up with my cousin who grew up in HK will be there and then the adventures will begin. Once again, thanks for those leads. Are hairy crabs really expensive?

        1. re: joisey al

          Depends on where you go and what grade you choose. Can range from OK to expensive. Almost like steak'! However, instead of munching on the whole thing, choose some dishes that use the meat and roe as the chief ingredients! Like noodles, dumplings or stirred fry.

          1. re: Charles Yu

            Is it true in some mom & pop restaurants/hole-in-the wall places, tipping isn't necessary? Some middle and high range prices restaurant will add a percentage to your bill? Best.

            1. re: joisey al

              That is true. The small coffe shops, noodle shops and neighborhood rice shops or restaurants do not require tipping nor add the 10% to you bill. By the way, Eaton is my favorite hotel in HK. Everything is within walking distance; such as temple street and the "Women Street". Nathan Road, New Clamation Street, etc. On Nathan Road, you can find shopping, eating, and sightseeing. If this is your first time, you don't need to joint any tour, just ride the double decker buses (on to level) to no where. Stop at any spot that look interesting to you and hop back on when you are done and continue your bus tour.

              1. re: wcl

                Thanks wcl....has nothing to do with food, but; know where to go to purchase Cuban cigars? (other than the high end hotels)

                1. re: joisey al

                  Landmark, Central. Davisdoff store.

        2. re: Charles Yu

          Charles, I had lunch yesterday pm at Tso Choi, it was a great reco. I had congee at Nathan Congee & Noodle on Saigon. Unfortunately, menus are written in Chinese, so I did alot of pointing. Additionally, I learned to bring my own napkins/tissues!

          1. re: joisey al

            You're most welcome! Glad you like it. Out of curiosity, what did you order at Tso Choi Koon?

            1. re: Charles Yu

              I ordered a fish dish, but they ran out, tried another fish dish and they ran out of those items. Settled on a chicken dish (bones included) along with a order of gai lan (chinese brocolli). For dinner, my relatives took me to The Garden rest. on Nathan Rd. for Hot Pot. This afternoon, spent the day in Sai Kung and had HK style chow mein and Beef Chow fun....stuff I can order in the United States.

              Thanks again!

          2. re: Charles Yu

            Charles, my cousin took me to this place, which he called the best 'wonton noodle' place in HK. Next door was MMK. Does MMK have dining reviews in their windows? Additionally, the place we ate in was two doors to the left, as you are facing Mak Man Kee. Just curious.

            1. re: joisey al

              The outfit you refer to is 'Mak's'. This 'outpost' has food that is ,for some unknown reason' totally inferior to their flagship on Wellington Street, Central!!

              1. re: Charles Yu

                I think we ate at MNK.

                My cousin informed me we ate at your referenced rest. Mak Noodles is the one I thought was MMK. Trying to cannibalized business. BTW. we ate around 11:00 pm land the place was packed. Mak Noodles had only two customers!

                1. re: Charles Yu

                  Thanks again for those recommendations. I did indeed have wonton noodle soup at Mak Man Kee. Additionally, at Tso Choi's we had frog w. bitter melon & black bean sauce. One pm, we had sashimi at Sekaegara in Causeway Bay. Ate dinner (names were in Chinese) in Wan Chai and my last evening had seafood at Kam Sham Seafood Rest. on Woo Sung Street, Kowloon. I had an enjoyable trip and a wonderful time in HK. Can't wait to return. Enjoy your holidays!

          3. i'd recommend trying one of the Chiu Chow's a cuisine that's hard to find in popular major cities other than HK...two of the top dishes are cold goose slices w/ vinegar, and dumplings w/ an egg-white wrapper instead of flour...a search here will yield 2 or 3 of the popular places...

            1. There are many fast food restaurants along Nathan Road between Yau Ma Tai and Mong Kok. Ask direction for Temple Street as it is a must for any tourest as well as Tung Choi Street in Mong Kok. Cannot go wrong if you are a fan of Big Mac but I would rather have won ton noodles instead. There are lots and lots of shops on Sai Yeung Coi Street South between Dundas and Argyle. The honest shop for all the electronic is Broadway where they have four stores there and accept credit cards as well.

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              1. re: 138ctf

                Seriously, 138ctf, are you actually recommending another Chowhound to have A BIG MAC IN MCDONALDS?!! :D

                1. re: M_Gomez

                  In Guangzhou, we did have a quick lunch at Burger King! The egg custard (on tat) tasted like creme brulee, (not bad 30 cents US) considering a most restaurants in US going for $8.00 plus dollars. Additionally, please read my post to Charles Yu; as that I ate in some incredible places.