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Oct 22, 2010 02:01 PM

Reservations December 22 - January 2

Having read so many of your wonderful reviews, I'm not hear to just blindly ask for "where should we eat in Paris?".

Instead, my spouse and I would like to eat at some of the following restaurants, between December 22 and January 2, and want to know when we should make reservations, or if it is already too late for some of them. Thanks. Also, if you have any general advice about the period (especially December 24, 25, 26), please feel free to share as well. I assume most things will be closed for Christmas.

Le Cirq (lunch)
Regalade St. Honore
Ze Kitchen Gallerie
L'Ami Jean
L'Ami Louis

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  1. My estimates tend to err on the safe side, esp for the holiday period…

    Le Cirq (lunch) : 2 weeks (and hope you mean Le Cinq)
    Regalade St. Honore: 2 weeks
    Ze Kitchen Gallerie: 3 weeks
    L'Ami Jean: 3 weeks
    L'Ami Louis: 3 weeks
    Frenchie: probably too late but try begging and groveling now.
    Weekend dinners (Fri night) tend to be even harder to book.

    1. I don't want to be a pessimist but the question I would have is to find out how long they close for over Christmas. At the extreme some could be closed from the Sunday 19th to the Tuesday 4th.

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            Sorry. It's trash talk for "absolutely correct".

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              Allez, Phil, it means "right on". :-)