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Oct 22, 2010 01:01 PM

Boooo Wendy's Booooo

Is it just me or is Wendy's seriously tanking lately? Huge, overpriced salads, cranking up the price on their simpler items (more than a $1 for a caesar side salad?) - $4.99 for a salad and a potato? And they changed their caesar salad - no more bacon bits and big shards of cheese rather than the little shavings.

I miss the Wendy's of old, where I could get a salad, a plain potato, chicken nuggets AND a small drink for under $5.


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  1. Minimum wage has gone up.

    1. It's been that way for a while. But, I don't mind it since if I'm headed there I'm going for the burger and chili.

      1. I still remember when their fried chicken filet sandwich was very good.

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          In Canada I used to go for their salads all the time. At $6:50-ish they were a decent deal. After a break of a couple of yrs I had one the other day. It was $9.50 and terrible.

        2. Several irritations with current Wendy's Management:
          1) they upped the price for the regular chicken nuggets to $1.39!
          2) In place of the regular chicken nugget they offered for $0.99 spicy nuggets which aren't much to write ANYONE about...
          3)Took off the Chinese Chicken Salad ! THAT SUCKS

          To say "What were they THINKING" cannot be used... Thinking implies there is a brain there!.

          1. I was eating their salads during the week for a while, but i really was not a fan of them changing the chicken in the salads to warm chicken...i don't know, i just didn't like it. They removed the asian chicken salad from the menu, so now i don't go.