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Oct 22, 2010 01:00 PM

Need suggestion for a seafood recipe that will last most of a week.

I typically cook one big meal on Sunday and bring it to lunch every day for a week, maybe changing around some veggie sides.

I haven't done any seafood in a while and have a bunch of shrimp stock in my freezer that would be good to use. Does anybody have any suggestions for something that would last at least until Wednesday, maybe even Friday? The best I've been able to come up with before is shrimp etouffee, keeping the shrimp separate from the sauce while reheating it and then adding them in when it's warm. Unusual suggestions are welcome, although I don't have a deep fryer. Thanks in advance.

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  1. Brandade de morue may fit the bill; you make it in large batches and it won't lose anything texturally because you don't need to reheat it.

    1. Seafood bisque? Jambalaya? Seafood gumbo? Rice vermicelli soup with vegetables and tofu? The only thing I'm not sure about it the lasting power, what with the seafood and all - someone better-versed in that maybe has an answer.

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        I always poach or bbq extra salmon filets to have later for lunches. I like it cold dotted with mayo and thinly sliced sweet onion. You might prefer a dill sauce. Later in the week I make a spread with dill, mayo, onion for crackers and have a small side salad.

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          That's just a fabulous idea in general, Gail. I might even do a couple extra on top of that to make into a very fast salmon bisque for even one more meal...

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            I poach a side of salmon at a time to eat cold tomorrow and the next day. I don't think one has ever lasted past the third day, though. Not sure I'd want it to.

            I make a mayo/sour cream sauce with tons of dill, tarragon, and maybe basil and parsley, scallions if you like them. You can "frost" the salmon, though I just usually serve it alongside as a dipping sauce. But I live alone, so...

            1. re: Jay F

              yeah it's definitely something I can look into, what do you use as a poaching liquid? I've poached salmon in olive oil before but that's maybe more trouble than it's worth.

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                For a poaching liquid, take some water, white wine, shallots, salt, pepper. and whatever other aromatics you would like, simmer... add fish. I find that you can then reduce the poaching liquid, perhaps after adding the bones from your eaten fish, and make a light stock for soup.

          1. I made a giant pot of gumbo the other night (try as I might, I canNOT make a NON-giant pot of it!), partly because the cleaning-out of my late pa-in-law's freezer yielded a big bag of frozen cooked shrimp, and since he'd stuck it in there well before he died it was at least a year and a half old. Anyway, that and a bunch of chicken leg quarters, two bags of frozen gumbo and a mess of other stuff gave the two of us supper for almost a week, which is just about how long it takes us to get tired of gumbo. Especially as it gets better with every reheating.

            1. Grilled or baked salmon.