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Oct 22, 2010 12:14 PM

Good Around Statesville, NC ?

Besides Keaton's (and not in Charlotte)

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  1. Jay Bee's at Exit 154 off I 40 has good burgers and hot dogs. Carolina BBQ has good pulled pork and the sides are great too. Black Angus Grill at Exit 150 off I 40 has oustanding burgers and steaks for lunch or dinner. Old Bob's BBQ is fine also.

    Jay Bee's @320 Mocksville Hwy., Statesville, NC 704 - 872 - 8033.
    Carolina Bar B Que @ 213 Sailibury Rd., Statesville, NC. 704 - 873 - 5589.
    Black Angus Grille @ 125 North Center St., Statesville, NC 704 - 872 - 4200.
    Ole Bob's BBQ @ 1737 Wilkesboro Hwy., Statesville, NC 704 - 871 - 1998.

    Black Angus Grille
    125 N Center St, Statesville, NC 28677

    Jay Bee's
    320 Mocksville Hwy, Statesville, NC 28625

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    1. re: Littleman

      My immediate thought, when reading this post, was Keatons. But, guess you already know of it.

      +1 For JayBee's. It's nothing fancy, but a good dog for sure. ;-)

    2. There's an italian restaurant in Mooresville referenced in this post that sounds very intriguing:

      1. Port-a-Pit BBQ is on my own to-try list; it got a very promising writeup at roadfood.

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        1. re: MarieLetsEat

          Port A Pit BBQ is only open on Wednesday and Friday from 11AM to 7PM takeout only. Bring some paper towels because you will have to eat at the park or in your car.

          100 Foods you must eat in NC's 100 counties.


        2. Statesville is a tough place for Foodies. Jay Bees, Black Angus, and Carolina BBQ are all fine choices. There is one worth trying...Landmark Pizza. Its in the alley behind Mayos and Black Angus. It used to be called 1849 Pizza Factory, I think. It moved to another location , but lost a lot of its charm. The pizza place is back now and I need to get over there and try it. I would imagine its a good place to eat because its really Mayos selling pizza out the backdoor. The service and food were always really good. Prices were reasonable...but the best part was you could get the really good desserts from upstairs. It would be a good bet and a place only e REAL local would know about.

          If you don't mind a little drive...Scotts BBQ in Taylorsville has great burgers and BBQ.

          Jay Bee's
          320 Mocksville Hwy, Statesville, NC 28625

          Pizza Factory
          721 Sullivan Rd, Statesville, NC 28677

          1. Any updates in the area, particularly for something a bit lighter than BBQ, pizza, hot dogs, etc.? I'm thinking of trying Keaton's for dinner but would love something on the lighter side for lunch and a good breakfast place.

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            1. re: brokegradstudent

              I suggest Keaton's or maybe Keaton's. Oh, and there's always Keaton's. :-)

              I have been craving Keaton's for a few weeks now and was in the area last weekend but sadly, they are closed on Sundays. :-(

              Just a little south of Statesville is Mooresville, near Lake Norman. There is an amazing place that has just what you're looking for - La Patisserie. They have two locations around exit 36 and I was just there for the first time a couple of weeks ago on recommendation of a friend. They are a bakery that makes delicious treats, croissants, challah bread, rolls, etc. But they also have breakfast and lunch fare in their deli. Media noche (cuban sandwiches), empanadas (beef, chicken & a spinach & feta cheese one that was really good), all sorts of different sweet and savory crepe dishes and good coffee. The service is very friendly and the owners are Columbian.

              Their second location on Brawley School Rd. was recognized by my GPS but it's right off of rt 150 near Williamson Rd. I think. I went to their Main St. location which is more of a bakery, but has seating for dining too.

     (the link says mooresville bakery, but it's the same establishment)