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Oct 22, 2010 11:39 AM

Eastside Cleveland Tacos Al Pastor?

We've recently moved to Shaker Heights after several years away from Cleveland and are hoping to find some Tacos Al Pastor somewhere nearby.

It seems as though pastor is pretty hard to find in the city in general, but I'm especially having trouble finding some east of the city, at least via internet search. Is there a little hole-in-the-wall taco stand somewhere I'm missing, or driving across town to El Jalapenos really our best bet?

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  1. Is El Jalapenos any good? I went once and ordered a dish with bacon and some weird cheese. I left thinking that I owed them another chance because I ordered a dish that I wasn't familiar with so I couldn't make sound comparisons. But the bacon itself and the chicken which was the main ingredient in the dish were mediocre products, so I can only accept so much blame.

    Anyway, as far as good tacos in Cleveland, there are exactly three choices. Taqueria La Loma in Akron, El Senors in Painesville and El Tango in Lakewood. El Tango isn't authentic at all. It's just straight delicious. La Loma and Senors are fairly authentic. There's a large community of Mexican immigrants that supports Senors and knows what a taco should taste like. That said, I doubt that their al pastor ever comes off a spit. Does the al pastor at El Jalapenos? El Senors and La Loma have "al pastor." I've had it at Senors and, according to a note I made, I thought it was delicious. I don't specifically remember having pastor at La Loma, but I know they have it and I was impressed with the general quality of their tacos. There's nothing at El Tango called al pastor and it wouldn't be authentic anyway. There's just a very tasty pork taco.

    In addition to a tasty pork taco, Tango's other tacos are good. Their soups are fantastic. The quesadilla, fajitas and chile rellenos are all also worth ordering. In fact most of their menu is solid. Avoid the chicken nuggets. I'm ashamed to even say that I tried those, but El Tango is still one of my favorite restaurants in the entire city.

    El Senors also has a lot of tasty food on their menu besides pork tacos. Quesadillas. Their salsas are great. The usually have one special. I remember a delicious pork stew. They also periodically have tamales and I've heard they're excellent. I was disappointed in their guacamole.

    1. MI Pueblo on Euclid near Case Western has tacos al pastor. So does the Mi Peublo on Lorain and w.123. The one on Lorain has more of a taqueria vibe to it then the one on Euclid plus there is a nifty little mexican grocery store next door.