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chop't in Rye Brook

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Saw a sign today that there is a new place coming called Chop't in the shopping center with D'Ag and Chipotle. Anyone ever heard of it? Website looks like a good lunch spot. Don't know when it will open. Anyone have any info? Thanks.

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  1. Assuming this is the same Chop't as the one in the city, I love, love, love it. Not cheap, but good. Something about the way they chop and toss the ingredients just really makes it good. It is very easy, however, to say "oh I'll just have a salad for lunch" and then eat a salad that has like 1,000 calories!


    1. Chop't is very popular in the city. Lines out the door during lunchtime in Midtown. I personally don't care for their salads much but they have lots of faithful followers.

      1. perfect location for this type of place, should do quite well

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          It would be great to have one in northern westchester. certainly a need/whole for it

        2. Ate there today. Line was out the door. I really wanted a Santa Fe salad+ grilled chicken or a "make your own" w/ grilled chicken. But, by 1:30 they had run out of grilled chicken and only had various spiced chicken ( cajun, old bay, etc...) plus it was so busy you couldn't really take the time to think about what you'd want in a make your own, so I opted for the Palm Beach Salad which had roasted shrimp, hearts of palm and grape tomatoes. It was ok. I would be interested to give it another try on a day they aren't completely packed.

          Santa Fe Restaurant
          52 Broadway, Tivoli, NY 12583

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            Not sure if you have ever been in the city, but it is always packed. I wonder if that will be the case here too once it is not so new.

            When I go to the one nearest my office, I find the ordering process a bit stressful because of the frenetic scene, but I must say, I love the salads.

          2. Do they chop the salad by hand or by machine?
            I dont like the machine chop b/c everything taste the same.

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